Amsterdam has the most expensive parking in the world


Amsterdam has topped another global list this week, only this time the honor is not nearly as friendly as a title like Best Place to Live, or the Safest City in the EU. Drivers resource website and app Parkopedia has named the Dutch capital the most expensive city globally for street parking.

The Global Parking Index put Amsterdam as the priciest for two hours of parking on the street, citing “an average cost of $14.61.” Depending on exchange rate, this cost roughly corresponds to the average rate used by the municipality for the city center, at €7.50 an hour, and some neighborhoods surrounding the center, which costs six euros per hour.

Amsterdam is over 20 percent more expensive than similar neighborhoods in second-place London. The Amsterdam two-hour rate is also about five dollars more expensive than parking on the streets of Paris in busy areas near the Eiffel Tower, train stations, and some cultural institutions.

The Dutch capital came in 13th place for parking two hours in a garage, which is often cheaper than finding street parking. The garage spots in Amsterdam were sometimes a third of the cost in similar central locations in Sydney and New York.

The Netherlands as a country was also ranked most expensive for on-street parking, seventh place for two hours of garage parking, and sixth place for a full day of garage parking. It also ranked second behind Hong Kong for most expensive monthly garage parking rates, according to the Global Parking Index.



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