Brexit: MPs rail against backstop plans in second day of debate on May…


I think that the movement inside the Labour party, amongst membership, is very strongly to say that the democratic health of the country, as well as its economic health, depends on getting this decision right. If we really want to settle this for decades to come, then we need to make sure that, whether or not you’re on the leave side or the remain side, what’s been voted for was anticipated, and therefore we embrace the trade-offs that are involved in it.

I’ve heard people say, ‘Oh no, it would be anti-democratic to have a further referendum.’ I actually think the opposite. I actually think the danger now is that, since the deal on offer is neither one that leavers want nor that remainers want, the greatest threat to our democratic health is that no one gets what they want. That is, I think, very very damaging.


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