Businesses, shops prepare for Patriots parade – Boston Herald


Business in downtown is rolling — with duck boat rallies just 97 days apart with the Red Sox and now the New England Patriots champs.

For many of the businesses lining Boylston and Tremont streets, the duck boat parades bring thousands of new customers to their establishments, boosting sales.

“It is a huge day for us, it is on par with our biggest days of the year, which are St. Patrick’s Day and Marathon Monday,” said Brian Peters, general manager of Pour House Bar and Grill on Boylston Street.

“I love it, I have lived here my whole life and it is a fun day and great for our businesses all around,” he added. “It is just all around great, people are in such a good mood and it is just such a different attitude. Everyone is happy and it is really about the city coming together.”

With about a million people expected, businesses will be flooded with people eating, drinking and continuing the celebration all day.

“It is beneficial because it brings more people to the city,” said Paul Tupa, owner of The Red Hat. “We are at the end of the parade so there is a good crowd all day, celebrating.”

Many businesses will also have food and drink specials for guests with most of them revolving around quarterback Tom Brady — including The Kinsale’s $12 Patriots Punch and brunch specials, and City Winery offering $12 drinks, with $2 of each drink going to Brady’s favorite charity, Best Buddies.

The parade doesn’t come without challenges, however. Maintaining such large crowds, excessive and underage drinking and security are all elements the business owners agreed can make things difficult.

“A big part is preparation and making sure we have extra staff and supplies,” said Cody Guardino, the general manager of JM Curley.

For Shane O’Hara, from Marathon Sport, being on the route can sometimes hinder business.

“One year it was snowing and raining and we completely sold out of our wool socks and hand warmers and people even started buying our waterproof jackets,” O’Hara said. “But this year is supposed to be nice so I don’t think that will happen. But we are still really excited.”



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