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Here are some of the highlights from Texas Tech’s postgame presser after its 48-16 win over Kansas.

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury

On Alan Bowman’s performance: “I thought he knocked some rust off in the first half. I felt the last couple drives he was really locked in, made some nice throws. It was good to get him hit so he feels comfortable again. We’ll have a full week next week to get him a bunch of reps. Hopefully we just continue with progress.”

On how T.J. Vasher’s return helped Bowman: You saw it, right? Get it close, T.J. is going to make a play for you. Had the one touchdown called back. Was a tremendous catch. Another huge catch back in the end zone early. He just brings that dimension. That’s a quarterback’s best friend. That type of wingspan, the trust if I put it up, your either going to catch it or they’re not. So we need him.”

On how important it was for Bowman to get a game under his belt: “That was huge. You could tell early he was a little bit funky, going through reads, missing some stuff he normally doesn’t. Good to get him hit. He feels comfortable again that he can handle that. So next week we have to play with a lot of poise at that position.”

On how long he knew Bowman would start: “It’s been a while. It’s been a while. We just wanted to make sure practice went well. Didn’t want any setbacks. But we felt confident that, I don’t know, a few days after he got out of the hospital that he’d be ready for this date. We just wanted to make sure he held up, felt good, his breathing was fine.”

On David Gibbs’ defensive impact: “Yeah, I just think continuity on the staff is huge, right? Those guys have grown up in the system now. He’s going into year four, he’s recruited to his system. They understand it. Same terminology. A lot of those guys are back from last year. We still got a long way to go. We play the good offenses, we got to step up, continue to keep it close. I’m really proud of what they’ve been doing. It’s good to see them have some success. They’ve been through a lot, a lot of those seniors.”

On upcoming games against Iowa State, Oklahoma and Texas: “We’re underdogs in however many there in a row, Houston, Oklahoma State, TCU, too. That’s just this league. We got to focus on Iowa State. They’ve had our number. We got to play a lot better against them.”

On what Antoine Wesley does for the team: “I think his ability to go up and make plays. He’s another guy, we’ll give him a chance. You know he’s either catching it or it’s going to be incomplete. They’re not picking it off. He’s going to get his hands on it. Alan has been able to give him a chance. Even last week he caught two out of bounds that would have been huge plays. He’s catching the ball. He’s timing his jumps. He’s attacking the ball when it’s in the air.”

WR Antoine Wesley

On having T.J. Vasher back: “Like I said, anybody on the other side, definitely opens up a lot when they’re having a good game. Definitely proud of him to be back on the field with me.”

On his touchdown celebration: “This one? I don’t know if that’s off of Grease or something. We came up with that really fast. We’re just trying to have fun what we do. The refs are trying to get after us. It’s okay. They’re just trying to do their job. Trying to have a little fun.”

On if Kliff Kingsbury knew he’d be this good: “Yes, sir. He has always believed in me since day one. I told him before every game, I have his back, he tells me he has mine.”

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