Decatur Celebration: Artist tries T-Rex-style approach for crowd | Ent…


Deidre Carpenter said she was feeling a little bored Saturday night when she remembered a fun costume in her possession.

So when the Tuscola artist returned to her booth at the Art Expo area of Decatur Celebration, she decided to bring her Tyrannosaurus rex costume with her and attempt to paint a canvas in the style of the notorious, short-armed dinosaur.

As she looked upon the blue streaks on the canvas afterward, Carpenter joked she may have underestimated the difficulty of painting inside a dinosaur costume.

“I lost visual, and I had short arms like a T-Rex, so…,” she said.

A whimsical approach to art like that was appreciated by Ed Lozano Jr., owner of Apachegraphics Studios and the person in charge of the art expo section. He said the idea of doing something fun to attract crowd attention is something worth doing at the Decatur Celebration, especially on a Sunday afternoon.

“We’re just having fun out there, it keeps things light,” he said.

The expo featured Carpenter and five other artists with their own unique styles, which included glass, roller press, painting, airbrush and jewelry.

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