Garbage can cleaning business offers solution for smelly, rodent-attra



A company that leaves garbage cans in sparkling condition, while eliminating harmful germs and bacteria just opened in Warren County to serve the Greater Cincinnati.

Ohio Clean Cans, which is headquartered in Maineville, uses 200-degree heated water and a pressure washer with more than 3,500 PSI to remove the filth that can live in garbage and recycling cans while leaving no mess, trash, or dirty water behind. A self-contained, eco-friendly cleaning unit separates solid and liquid waste.

The dirty liquid runs through a 17-stage filtration system on the truck and then is sent onto the water treatment facility and solid waste to the garbage dump.

That process keeps residential and commercial residents safe from the dangers of a dirty trash can by eliminating 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria, according to the company. It also stops the garbage cans from acting as a beacon for rodents, flies, maggots and other pests.

“We dispose of the waste in the right manner, so you can get clean bins and feel good about it,” said founder Howard Cooper.

Cooper said the idea Ohio Clean Cans came from him looking for an answer to a common problem many homeowners face: an awful smelling garage can and a concern around the germs growing inside.

Because his HOA requires him to store his trash cans in the garage, and out of sight. That meant smelly garbage cans inside his garage.

“The smell drove me crazy,” he said. “I didn’t want to wash it because the dirty water and harmful bacteria would flow down into the sewer and underground water system.

Ohio Clean Cans offers monthly, quarterly or one-time cleaning service plans. Cleanings range from $8 to $35 and the service is available for commercial and residential customers, with discounts for property management companies and homeowner associations.

Each cleaning is planned for a customer’s trash pick-up day. For more information, call 513-440-9255 or visit


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