Google Reveals The Uplifting Word That The World Searched For In 2018


The video covers some of the sweetest, most touching things that happened in 2018.

2018 may not have been the best of years, to put it mildly – but Google’s ‘Year in Search’ video is here to bring you a little bit of hope and put a smile on your face. In a video shared just a couple of hours ago, Google revealed the heartwarming, uplifting word that the world searched for – more than ever before – in 2018. In between dissent, plastic straws, border walls and adulating, the world searched for some good, literally.

As the #YearinSearch video revealed, 2018 was the year when people searched for ‘good’ – good things in the world, how to be a good citizen, a good singer, a good kisser, what makes a good friend, a good role model – basically the world searched for a lot of good.

The 2-minute video takes a look back at some of the best, the nicest things that happened in 2018 through a video collage. From the Thai cave rescue to a hearing-impaired baby listening to his mum’s voice for the very first time, from emotional tributes to Stephen Hawking and George HW Bush to the birth of Neve Te Aroha, the daughter of New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern, from the viral What the Fluff challenge to a singing dog – the video covers everything, and is sure to make you smile.

(It might even make you tear up, so we recommend keeping tissues handy)

Take a look below:

Since being shared online, the video has received an outpouring of love. While many have called it much better than YouTube’s annual rewind video, others have thanked Google for creating the heartwarming video.

On Twitter, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai shared the video, and received a lot of praise for it

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