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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A recently filed lawsuit says a business that sent fliers to New Mexico convicts and sex offenders offering them assistance was in reality a scam.

The lawsuit says the corporation has been mailing postcards to inmates at a New Mexico prison and asking the inmates to get their relatives to enter into contracts with the business, Correctional Services Network of America LLC.

Veronica Lucero, the plaintiff in the case, said she sent the company thousands of dollars to help her incarcerated son but never received any services.

Lucero filed the lawsuit earlier this month against CSNA and Jimmie Rae Gordon and Gloria Letcher.

Gordon is the owner, president and CEO of CSNA, and Letcher is his step-mother and a manager of the company, according to the lawsuit.

Lucero said in the lawsuit that her son, along with other inmates at the Lea County Correctional Facility, got a letter from CSNA saying it could help reduce his 15-year sentence for an accessory murder conviction. The lawsuit said other inmates at the facility also received letters.

It’s not clear how many New Mexico inmates the business tried to contact.

Mari Kempton, Lucero’s attorney, declined to comment. Prison officials didn’t return a call for comment.

CSNA has a website and a telephone number based in Las Vegas, Nev.

Gordon, in a telephone interview, said that he hadn’t been served a copy of the lawsuit. He said Lucero’s matter had previously been the subject of a complaint against the business with the Better Business Bureau. He said CSNA offered to refund Lucero’s money.

Gordon said that his business, which has been in operation for about six years, has clients all over the country.

He said they help inmates with various tasks, such writing letters to a warden on an inmate’s behalf asking for a change to their living situation or helping inmates with appeals that they plan to file themselves for example.

“We’re not attorneys and we can’t give legal advice, but we can assist them at their direction,” Gordon said.

Ross Bettis, Gordon’s attorney, said the lawsuit “is littered with false allegations that are damaging to Mr. Gordon” and his company.


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