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Slow economic death

Lone Star, Texas, vs. economy: This small town was built around Lone Star Steel Co. years ago, rising more in World War II, as I remember housing, stores, gas stations, etc. It was a nice busy little country town with churches, the lake for entertainment, and an easy laid back way of living in the 1960s through the 1980s. A beehive of activity. Several thousand jobs. Why? Pipe! Oilfield pipe, tubing, huge pipe you could walk inside of and other products.

Iron processed from nearby mines to raw steel to good quality steel. Then came foreign imported steel. Result? The mill and the town slowly died.

A perfect example of unfair import-export trade. OK’d by our stupid Congress and government. Why did this little town have to die? Follow the money. I wish someone with the skills, could, would contact Fox News about this! Lone Star might just come alive for another minute!

— Carrol Chastain, Ore City


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