Lind: This story shows there ARE still good people in this world


The story of one of them comes from Richard Brothers, Fargo.

“Out of the blue,” Richard writes “Neighbors,” “I received an email from a gentleman in England asking if I was related to a man named Alfred Brothers, from Menomonie, Wis., who had passed away Jan. 17, 2017.”

Yes, Alfred was Richard’s father.

“He (the man in England) indicated that he worked for a contracting firm that was doing excavation work for a large building that previously had been the site of a U.S. Army base during World War II.

“He said that workers came across a personal effect he believed belonged to my father, and he would like our family to be reunited with it.

“I must admit that I suspected it was some type of scam,” Richard said, “but I went ahead and asked for a description of the item.

”He emailed back an image of a dog tag.”

The tag had Alfred Brothers’ name on it, along with his Army serial number and his home address in Menomonie.

“I figure that he (Alfred) lost it about 78 years ago, and it has lain undisturbed in the dirt all this time,” Richard says, “and it was not until recently that it was discovered when it was dug up by an excavator.

“Needless to say, I was excited to have it back with our family, and also excited that someone thousands of miles away would take time out of his busy schedule to track down the owners of such a small item found in a very large construction site.

“It just goes to show,” Richard writes. “that indeed there ARE good people in this world that will go the extra mile to do a favor for someone they have never met.”

Oh, how true that is!

Mark and Mary Andrews as seen at Bethany Retirement Living in south Fargo. Forum file photo

Mark and Mary Andrews as seen at Bethany Retirement Living in south Fargo. Forum file photo

When “Neighbors” ran an interview with former North Dakota Congressman Mark Andrews some time ago, it “hit the jackpot,” Ron Fredrickson, 94, formerly of Fargo and now of Kenosha, Wis., writes.

Mark died recently.

“Mark was not one I would call a close friend,” Ron says, “but he’d occasionally join our ‘gang’ for high school activities on Friday or Saturday evenings.

“I also recall hunting pheasants on Mark’s farm at Mapleton (N.D.), with my late friend Henry Powell Roberts, who was known as Powell in his high school days.

“Thanks to my friend Ray Goldberg, I have a VHS tape which includes part of Mark and Mary’s wedding.

“Ah, nostalgia!” Ron says, then tells of who were in his “gang.”

They were Ray Goldberg, Walter Krueger, Bob Manson, Caroll Wandell Nellermoe (who went by Wannie), Henry Roberts and himself.

“Most of the gang enjoyed successful careers,” Ron writes.

“Ray Goldberg is a professor emeritus at Harvard University, still giving one lecture per year and writing books at the age of 93.

“Walter Krueger, deceased, had a very successful career with 3M in research, eventually winning its top scientific award, in spite of having had polio in the early 1950s which left him with mobility problems.

“Bob Manson, deceased, had a career as a metallurgist and specification writer with the Minnesota Highway Department.

“‘Wannie’ Nellermoe, deceased, obtained an MD degree and spent his career as an anesthesiologist in Spokane, Wash.

“Powell Roberts, deceased, served in both World War II and the Korean War and ended up as director of the Federal Drug Administration labs in the Twin Cities.

“I got an MS degree at NDAC (now NDSU),” Ron says, “and spent 35 years at Abbott Laboratories where I ended up as corporate radiation protection officer.

“Mark Andrews was in the Fargo Central High School class of ‘43, one year ahead of us, and joined us occasionally on Friday evening activities. He was also along on an early spring picnic at Buffalo River State Park, Minn.

“Mark went to West Point for a year or two but came back to NDAC after WWII ended. Then I moved away and knew of Mark only because of his national political offices in the House and Senate.

“One year (possibly 1967), he arranged a VIP tour of the White House for my family and me when we were in Washington and he was in the House.”

As noted above, Ron lives in Kenosha, Wis., which has been much in the news due to the violence which has occurred there.

“I’m still mostly hibernating at home because of COVID-19,” he writes, “but I have been out to see the carnage brought about by the ‘demonstrators.’ Appalling!

“But, with one or more of my sons, I do get out to a restaurant for breakfast now and then. But we look for those establishments which adhere closely to the accepted good practices of sanitation and prophylaxis against COVID-19.”

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