Lubbock Hutchinson Middle School wins regional science bowl tournament…


With one loss, the black team from Crockett Middle School faced the green team of the Hutchinson Middle School twice in the final after defeating them the first go-around. But in the end, it all came down to one.

The Hutchinson Middle School team from Lubbock won this year’s regional science bowl tournament Saturday at West Texas A&M University with a score of 68 to 30 in the 14th overall round of the competition.

The team received $1,000 from CNS Pantex, the sponsor of the event, to the school’s science program and will travel with the winner of the high school regional tournament in April to Washington, D.C., to participate in various science activities and competitions.

The black team from Bushland Middle School earned third place, receiving $250 from Pantex. The Crockett Middle School team earned second place, receiving $500 from Pantex. The money will go to the school’s science program.

The tournament began with 30 teams representing 17 middle schools across the region, including schools from Amarillo ISD, Bushland ISD and River Road ISD. The teams competed in a round robin portion of the tournament Saturday morning, with the top 16 teams competing in a double elimination tournament in the afternoon.

Throughout the day, students from the teams answered hundreds of questions related to various science and math topics, ranging from basic knowledge to college level. These questions were given in both multiple choice and short answer configurations, being submitted from different labs across the United States.

Darla Fish, the community and education outreach coordinator for Pantex, said this gives the more academically focused students a chance to shine, getting to meet like-minded students from other middle schools across the region.

Kim Macki, an eighth-grade science teacher and science, technology, engineering and math teacher for the Science Explorers at Crockett Middle School, said students will usually take a topic, including physical science, earth and space and energy, study it in detail and focus on that throughout the competition.

What has impressed Macki about her teams from Crockett is the drive they have, she said.

“These kids have studied, they have poured their hearts into it,” she said. “They study on their own and study at home.”

Throughout the competition, Fish said she was impressed mostly by the math skills of the students.

“I am so impressed with the fact they study the way they do, and they are some of the best and the brightest,” Fish said. “To watch them have this long equation, they get scratch paper but no calculator, and they are writing it all down and within three seconds, someone is going to have an answer or maybe even sooner … That impresses me the most, watching them do math problems.”

Fish said it is important to have Pantex involved in the competition because it makes students aware that engineering, as well as other science and math centered careers, is a potential future path for students.

“I think it opens the kids’ eyes to the fact that engineering might be a possibility,” she said, “whether it be civil engineering, electrical engineering. It just gives them options and that is great.”

With Pantex employees organizing and hosting the levels of the competition, Fish said, it also lets residents of the region know the company cares about the entire community.

Macki said she was proud of her students throughout the competition.

“It gives us hope for our future,” Macki said as she teared up. “These kids have my heart. They are good kids. It’s why I teach.”


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