Map: Where New Zealand ranks in world’s most dangerous nations


Meanwhile, the Middle East featured the most countries with risk considered ‘extreme’. These nations include Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, South Sudan and Somalia. 

In another map created by International SOS, countries have been ranked in terms of road safety. In this map, New Zealand is considered to have “very low” risk, alongside Australia, Japan, Canada and most European countries. 

The majority of African countries are considered to have “very high” road safety risk, as well as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Oman, Thailand and Kazakhstan. 

New Zealand ranks well in another map created to show medical risk around the world. New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada, the US, Turkey, Chile, Japan, South Korea, the UAE and most European Countries have low medical risk, the map shows. 

The countries with the highest medical risk, according to the map, include Somalia, Yemen, Niger, Libya, Afghanistan, Venezuela, South Sudan and North Korea. 

Factors taken into consideration for the medical risk map were threats of infectious disease, the availability of local emergency medical and dental care, as well as access to pharmaceutical supplies.  

New Zealand has long ranked well in terms of safety. In 2016, it was considered the seventh safest country to travel to in the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Report.  

But an annual Gallup Global Law and Order poll earlier this year found that New Zealanders rank the safety of their own country lower than Egyptians, Indonesians and Chinese. Australia was placed even lower on the list, behind Bangladesh and Rwanda.  

Last year, New Zealand was ranked one of the most generous countries in the world ahead of the US and the UK, in the World Kindness Survey, conducted as part of Charities Aid Foundation’s 2017 World Giving Index.



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