Meet Tanya Ragan, the female real estate developer taking Dallas by st…



Image courtesy of Wikimedia user Carol M. Highsmith.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia user Carol M. Highsmith.

Her newly resurrected 114-year-old Purse Building features a floor-to ceiling mural of the late Jacobs, an urbanist activist and author of The Death and Life of Great American Cities, superimposed on a downtown street grid. Above Jacobs’ striking bespectacled image, her mantra “New ideas need old buildings” blazes in neon lights.
— Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News profiles Tanya Ragan, a Dallas-based real estate developer who is taking on commercial real estate’s “boys club” mentality with a Jane Jacobs-inspired approach. 

Ragan’s Wildcat Management is behind a series of new and forthcoming projects, including the redevelopment of the Liberty State Bank Building, the Purse Building, and others, that aim to repurpose historic buildings in the city’s downtown. 

Ragan was recently listed among other influential developers by The Business Journals network.

Regarding the difficulty of developing real estate projects as woman in Texas, Kourtny Garrett, CEO of Downtown Dallas Inc., a non-profit development advocate in the city, told The Dallas Morning News“It’s an uphill climb and you have to be smart and you have to be patient—Tanya would laugh if she heard me call her patient because she knows she’s sometimes not—but in terms of understanding how market cycles go, you have to be willing to hit the pavement every single day.” Garrett added, “Tanya does that.”


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