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The Australian Border Force transferred a seriously mentally ill man to Perth from Melbourne, where a youth mental health facility was preparing to treat him – then took almost a month to bring him back.

On Tuesday, after being flown 2,700km across the country, admitted to hospital emergency or psychiatric departments six times, held in various forms of detention, then flying another 2,700km, the young man was finally taken to the facility that had originally offered to treat him.

The shock early-morning transfer from the Melbourne detention centre, Mita, to Perth, was on a commercial Qantas flight – just one day after the Qantas chief executive, Alan Joyce, proclaimed that the company would not be silent on social issues.

The young asylum seeker was removed from the Melbourne detention centre in the early hours of 19 September, allegedly without warning and without consulting the external health professionals who were arranging to have him readmitted to the Melbourne facility. No reason for the transfer was given, as far as Guardian Australia is aware.


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