New Zealand shooting live updates: Accused gunman will defend himself …


Indian nationals Abdul Nazer, 34, and his wife, Ansi Alibava, 25, were both inside the Al Noor mosque on Friday — men sat on the left, women on the right — when the first shots were fired in one of New Zealand’s worst mass shootings.  

Originally from Kerela, the young couple had borrowed money to move to Christchurch last year, so she could complete her postgraduate studies.

When Alibava graduated, they hoped she’d get a high-paying job and they would live and work in New Zealand, before returning back home to India to settle down.

Friday’s mass shootings changed those plans forever.

Alibava was one of the 50 people killed in Friday’s attacks — and now her husband is raising money to help repatriate her body back to India.

You can read more about Nazer and Alibava here.


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