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Premiering on what would have been his 67th birthday, “I Am Patrick Swayze” is a loving profile of the “Dirty Dancing” and “Ghost” star. The film showcases his life and career through untold stories, interviews with family members and friends, and home movies. 10 p.m., Paramount Network

Chuck Barney, Tribune News Service

I’m here to preach the gospel of Patternator, a simple app for IOS. You upload a picture, trace out what aspect of it you would like to keep (reminiscent of the Snapchat sticker feature,) and that image is repeated in an adorable repeating pattern for your background needs. I have images of all my animal children on there, each with different colors and patterns. Polka dots are so boring — I chose a cat face instead. Download it here. http://www.patternator.me/


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