Real estate transfers: Reported Aug. 12, 2018


Posted: Aug. 12, 2018 12:01 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder

Quincy area

Warren L. Ellis, property in Quincy, to Rosemary Ellis and Warren L. Ellis.

Pops Getaway LLC, property at 1608 Locust St., to Brenda D. Berter.

M&M Property Holdings LLC, property at 1249 Curtis Creek Road, to Deborah Lynn Bange and John Edward Bange.

The Rev. Donald E. Limkemann Living Trust, property at 2717 Oak St., to Amy L. Hinkamper.

Howard Terence Clingingsmith Trust; Howard Terence Clingingsmith, trustee; property at 2305 State St., to Jeffrey M. Schutte.

Robert E. Silman Sr. estate; Robert E. Silman Jr., executor, property in Quincy, to Robert E. Silman Jr.

Robert E. Silman Sr. estate; Robert E. Silman Jr., executor, property at 1914 Adams St., to Robert E. Silman Jr.

Cory Michael Stegman and Kristy M. Stegeman, property at 1841 Spring St., to Ashley L. Orr and Jeremy D. Orr.

Darcy I. Trombley and Steven M. Trombley, property at 1206 S. 30th St., to Michelle M. Cooley and Robert D. Cooley.

Melissa A. Skinner, property in Quincy to Caitlin C. Green.

Lauren E. Jansen and Ryan M. Jansen, property at 1304 S. 20th St., to Lauren E. Vanbergeijk and Ryan M. Jansen.

Margaret Rose Williams and Stephen W. Williams, property at 613 Elm St., to Margaret Rose Williams and Stephen W. Williams.

Judy Jennings, property at 616 N. Sixth St., to Julia A. Ballard and Matthew G. Ballard.

Karen M. Hochgraver and Larry A. Hochgraber, property at 306 N. 27th St., to Stephanie Crenshaw and Tyler Hill.

Aloysius H. Bordewick and Linda K. Bordewick, property at 621 S. 21st St., to Amber Shaw.

James David Gallaher, property at 1424 N. Fourth St., to Dovie Ann Hooper and Joseph E. Hooper Sr.

James Brent Aubuchon and Megan L. Dusterhaus, property at 1532 Spring St., to Debra Waters.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, property at 411 Lind St., to Betty M. Kuntz and John T. Kuntz.

Michael A. Predmore, property at 308 S. 11th St., to Matthew J. Nation.

Bryan K. Foy and Karen M. Foy, property at at 1013 Adams St., to WCM Properties LLC.

Donna L. Bergman and Mark K. Bergman, property in Quincy, to Donna L. Bergman.

Mary Gates, property at 1661 Jersey St., to Janet Gates Conover and Joe Irvin Conover.

Deborah J. Haydon and Keith D. Haydon, property in Quincy, to Diana L. Brown.

Michael Newberry, property at 523 College Ave., to Robert R. Bridgman.

Lindsey R. Edwards and Lindsey R. Meyer, property at 223 N. 22nd St., to Lisa M. Likes.

Melynda J. Miller, property in Quincy, to Teresa M. Kemp.

Adnan Mushtaq and Sara Ruleman, property at 3925 Hampton Lane, to Julie B. Cook and Richard J. Cook.

Austin Properties of Quincy Inc., property at 1254 Vermont St., to Tacaho LLC.

Paula L. Shouey and Paula L. Simmons, property at 721 S. 15th St., to Victoria Rose Campen and Westley Aaron Campen.

John Reiff and Sarah Reiff, property at 2418 Cherry St., to Grammatiki Marina Krueger.

Lori A. Cornwell and Neal E. Cornwell, property at 2801 Harrison St., to Daniel R. Wilken and Paula R. Wilken.

Leah D. Wuestenfeld and Raymond Lee Wuestenfeld, property at 2803 Elm St., to Garry K. Harris.

Joan Tieken, property at 800 N. Sixth, to Amy Lynn Hinkamper.

Parthenia S. Gordon, property at 922 Ridgewood Drive, to Carl W. Spory and Norma J. Spory.

Anna Marie Bentele, attorney in fact, and Norbert Bentele, property at 711 S. 16th St., to Damon C. Meadows and Tamara J. Meadows.

Sandra M. Edmonson, property at 1229 S. 11th St., to Jennifer Baker and Terry E. Baker.

Barbara J. Meyer and John W. Meyer II, property at 2225 Washington St., to Isaiah J. Aschemann.

Carl W. Spory and Norma J. Spory, property at 711 S. 20th St., to Natasha L. Andresen and Scott M. Andresen.

Jonathan H. Barnard and Mariann Barnard, property at 2116 Aldo Blvd., to Michael William Keller and Emily Jane Workman Kelly.

Holly D. Miller and John W. Miller, property at 1206 S. 26th St., to Stephen K. Jochem.

Adams County

Kara Knuffman, property at 2733 N. 350th Place, Liberty, to Toby Markert.

Sherrie Diane Ellison and Theresa Lynn Ellison, property at 103 S. Madison St., Clayton, to Patsy L. Loos.

Brian W. Allen, Beth A. Clinging, Jeris J. Grim, Laura L. Lieurance and Wanda L. Robertson, property in Clayton, to Betty Ann Allen.

Shawn M. Irvine, property at 420 E. 1300th St., Payson, to Millissa Griswold and Shawn M. Irvine.

Doug Weese Construction and Douglas C. Weese, property in Camp Point, to cristina Gocke and Michael A. Gocke.

Dawn D. Ufkes and John R. Ufkes, property at 1815 Fieldstone Drive, Ellington Township, to John R. Ufkes.

Elizabeth Ashley Liebig and Russell Alex Liebig II, property in Burton Township, to Robert Terstreip III.

Anita J. Marlow and Kith W. Marlow, property in Northeast Township, to Keith W. Marlow and Anita J. Marlow.

Kerley Properties LLC, property in McKee Township, to Gerald E Lierly Sr.

Austin D. evans and Roland T. Evans, property at 717 N. 64th St., Ellington Township, to Aaron J. Stutheit and Terri M. Stutheit.

David D. Wright, Richard J. Wright and William D. Wright, property at 907 E. Wood St., Camp Point, to Cheryl Mixer and Silber James Mixer.

Jeremy Kurt Simpson and Terese E. Simpson, property at 130 S. Chestnut St., Mendon, to Sara J. Smoak.

Dennis R. Rabe, Marvin E. Rabe and Michael L. Rabe, property at 125 Main St., Ursa, to Andrew T. Hilgenbrinck and Stephanie K. Hilgenbrinck.

Kelly Nicole Bishop and Zachary J. Bishop, property at 227 E. Church St., Mendon, to Stacie J. Owings.

Sarah J. Roman, property at 5411 Wedgewood Court, Ellington Township, to Daniel E. Wegs and Janelle B. Wegs.

Jay C. Hester, property at 209-213 E. Outerbelt Drive, Clayton, to Brandi M. Mowen and Charles W. Mowen.

Dawn Drajin, property at 409 Mistletoe St., Payson, to Andrew J. Wellman.

Jeffrey L. Deters and Chad M. Stevenson, property in Ellington Township, to Cory M. Stegeman and Kristy M. Stegeman.

Sharon R. Frese and Matthew C. Miller, property in Beverly Township and Liberty, to Matthew C. Miller.

Denise E. Flesner, property in Payson, to Diana K. Baumgartner and Deborah L. Ruths.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, property in Liberty, to Benjamin O. Hickman.

Debra R. Keefer, Christine M. Simpson and Daniel R. Simpson Jr., property in Ellington Township, to Debra R. Keefer.

Lucky S. Tritsch and Stephanie M. Tritsch, property in Gilmer Township, to Martha H. Ott and Robert E. Ott.

James I. Cloutier and Lindsey S. Cloutier, property at 314 E. York St., Camp Point, to Donald R. Schreacke and Wilma J. Schreacke.

Jodell Speckhart, property in Lima Township, to Jacob Zimmerman, Lucas Zimmerman, Natalie Zimmerman and Robert Zimmerman.

Bryan Redlich and Jennifer Redlich, property at 3325 Hunter Road, Ellington Township, to Rickey L. Rettke Jr. and Trisha E. Rettke.

Charles F. Schafer and Marilyn R. Schafer, property at 1342 N. 1153rd Lane, Burton Township, to Karen R. Haper and Michael T. Harper.

Bonnie C. Wiemelt and Keith A. Wiemelt, property at 341 E. South St., Mendon, to Jacqueline S. Ransom.

Barbara M. Moore and Bryon A. Moore, property in Liberty, to James R. Leffew and Theresa L. Leffew.

John L. Wietholder and Laura C. Wietholder, property at 8020 Dawn Road, Ellington Township, to Josh A. Reiff and Sarah M. Reiff.

Joseph S. Grenlund and Timothy F. Veihl, property at 3413 Branchwood, Melrose Township.

Shelby M. Tonnies, property in Riverside Township, to Melanie A. Carlin.


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