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The App “Insta-Lab” is available for free in the App Store as well as at Google Play. The application is based on Polaroid nostalgia and can be used as a camera, but it also converts photos from the gallery into vintage beauties.

Cute idea: While a photo is imported into the template, the app makes the typical Polaroid sound. 

First of all, a “Style” can be selected, basically a frame. For free app users there are only three kinds available, two of which are the same. But Polaroid fans will be satisfied, because the classic white frame is included.

Hidden behind “Effect” are five filters, which in combination with the “Filter” category (which also contains five filters) conjure up the good old days of Polaroid photography. They have a green blue yellow or reddish cast and give every photo a vintage touch. 

Under “Customization” you will find the editing tools: Brightness, contrast and color can be adjusted there, as well as the image can be rotated. But that’s it.

Also texts can be added. In the free version there are four different fonts to choose from, about 24 more are available for paying customers. 

Negative: Individual processing steps cannot be undone.
Positive: We like the “Collage” function, with which several Polaroid style photos can be combined. In the basic version, there is only one background available for this, but it is still a nice tool that is fun to use.

For all those who want to surround themselves with the photos haptically, there is the InstaLab print service with worldwide delivery. Starting at 0.49 Euro

Conclusion: The basic version of the app “InstaLab” is nice, but its possibilities are quickly exhausted. If you really want to work with the app, you will probably have to invest in the Pro version.

Top 2 Pros: 
– atmospheric vintage results
– no advertising

Top 2 Cons: 
– too few offers for users of the free app
– processing steps cannot be undone

Manufacturer: EASYBLUECODE S.L
Price: “InstaLab” is free of charge in the App Store and at Google Play. The pro version costs 9,99 €. A subscription model is also offered.


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