Texas Tech Students Might Have Gone Overboard Celebrating


Unlike Auburn fans, those supporting the Red Raiders had a pretty good reason to celebrate on Saturday night. Texas Tech converted its first men’s Final Four appearance in program history into its first NCAA Tournament final appearance. As a result students on campus gathered all around Lubbock, Tex. and maybe had a bit too much fun enjoying their team’s success.

For starters, here’s a crowd gathered around some dudes jumping up and down on a car while a guy who climbed a lamp post beats the ever-living shit out of a street light.

Speaking of cars here’s one of the many that fell victim to being flipped over on Broadway St.:

It’s not as if the students would leave immediately after those cars were flipped. Once they were upside-down, the cars became platforms that could be used to dance on and blast country trap sensation “Old Town Road” from a portable speaker.

As you can probably imagine, it’s quite difficult to get around places when your main form of transportation gets flipped into oblivion thanks to some batshit college kids. The good news is that Lubbock is one of the many cities where you can rent a Lime scooter to get from place to place with relative ease. The bad news is that they’ve all been set on fire.

In fact, fire seemed to be a bit of a theme that evening:

Things quickly came to a halt when police arrived in riot gear with batons, police shields and, according to KCBD 11, tear gas. Once cops were done using the military-grade dispersion tactics, they blocked the street to prevent anyone from entering as they tried to get kids to leave the area.

As of writing this post, there have been no injuries or arrests reported. This appears to be the opposite of what happened in East Lansing, Mich. According to the Lansing State Journal, 23 arrests—22 misdemeanors and one felony(!)–were made from students angrily rioting over their team’s loss to Texas Tech. They also burned couches and were reportedly hit with tear gas. Oh, and there was this too:


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