Trump economy has America’s middle class ‘succeeding,’ top 2020 campai…


The federal government’s October jobs report shows America’s middle class is thriving under President Trump’s leadership, according to a top adviser to the Trump 2020 Campaign.

Mercedes Schlapp told “The Ingraham Angle” on Friday that the Democrats are unwilling to discuss the nation’s booming economy and would rather push a platform of costly government programs.

“What you’re seeing is the middle class succeeding under President Trump’s economy,” Schlapp said.

“What you’re seeing is the middle class succeeding under President Trump’s economy.”

— Mercedes Schlapp, adviser to Trump 2020 Campaign

“And then what you’re seeing is the Democrats are not willing to talk about the economy and focusing on spending trillions of dollars to implement ‘Medicare-for-All,’ like what Senator Warren did today,” Schlapp said, referring to the Democratic presidential candidate from Massachusetts.

“So that is the contrast and that is why we are winning when it comes to the economy,” she added, “and it’s the success story that the president will continue talking about.”


In October, U.S. hiring was unexpectedly solid as the economy added 128,000 jobs, brushing off the weight of the 40-day General Motors strike.

The payroll number far exceeded the estimate of 89,000 from economists surveyed by Refinitiv (the lowest forecast in more than two years), even with a decline of 42,000 jobs in motor vehicles and parts manufacturing because of the workers’ strike and 20,000 temporary census workers leaving their jobs.

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Earlier Friday, Warren estimated the price tag for her “Medicare-for-All” program would be around $52 trillion — “paid for by asking the top one percent and giant corporations to pay a fair share,” in the words of the lawmaker.


Host Laura Ingraham claimed that increased cost to the employer would be passed on to the worker, at least indirectly.

To that extent, Real Clear Politics co-founder Tom Bevan claimed the high figure released by Warren may not turn out to help her in the presidential race.

“I’m not sure she’s any better off now that she’s put out a plan of how she thinks she’s going to pay for it,” he said, claiming the Democratic contender is now “taking heat from the centrists” in her party.

Fox Business’ Megan Henney contributed to this report.


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