We lost the cultural war in Cyprus! If measures aren’t taken, we may l…


In the beginning, we used to win wars on the field and at the diplomacy table.

Then, we started to lose the wars we won on the field at the table.

From armed wars to culture wars

Nowadays, wars are not fought on the battlefield but in the media.

Imperialists are taking control over the minds of the masses through the media and most of the time, there is no use for the battlefield.

If such a need does arise, they do not go there themselves; they activate their puppets, and the terrorist organizations they remotely control.

The armed wars on the ground have been replaced by perception operations and culture wars in media.

We still win the armed wars on the ground, but we are losing the culture wars.

This has been the case for almost the last two centuries.

We used to win wars both on the ground and at the table, because we had high self-confidence; we had managed to build an exemplar civilization in every aspect; nobody could make us kneel on the grounds or at the diplomacy table.

Whenever we started to lose our self-confidence, that is when we started to lose the wars we won on the ground at the table.

One of the latest examples of this is the Cyprus Peace Operation. We fought against the Greeks and won the war; Turkey physically settled in Cyprus, but we lost Cyprus culturally.

This is the sad truth.

We lost the cultural war in Cyprus!

Just think about it, Cypriot Turks do not allow a school of theology to be opened in Cyprus. They protest the opening of any Quran courses. Please pay attention: It is not the Cypriot Greeks that oppose Quran courses and in Cyprus but the Cypriot Turks.

It is unbelievable.

The school of theology and Quran course issues are matters of high symbolic value.

The overwhelming majority of Cypriot Turks do not want to learn Islam or teach it to their children.

This shows that we have lost Cyprus.

If it continues like this, we will lose Cyprus in no more than 15-20 years – God forbid.

Cypriot Turks are not aware that once their relations with Islam is over, the moment they become detached from Turkey, it will be their end.

The number of those in Cyprus who want Turkey to withdraw from the country is quite significant.

I would specifically like to remind you that these people are provoked against Turkey primarily by the British, and actors like the EU and U.S., and that demands for Turkey to withdraw from Cyprus will gain speed in the upcoming periods.

Let’s not forget what happened in Bosnia

Turkey’s withdrawal from Cyprus will lead to Cypriot Turks’ detachment from Turkey and their end – God forbid.

What happened in Bosnia must not be forgotten: Bosnians did not think that the Serbs would slaughter them and rape their women.

Yet at the first moment of weakness, the most horrific genocides of the century took place in Bosnia.

Have no doubt that the same thing will be done to Cypriot Turks in the event that Turkey withdraws.

Hence, it is important for Turkey and Cypriot Turks to see the approaching threat and develop education, culture and media projects that will enable them to unite around a common civilization and historical awareness. If a step is not taken immediately in this area, it may be too late. That is why I am crying out: We lost the cultural war in Cyprus. If measures are not taken, we can lose Cyprus too – God forbid.


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