Worcester County real estate transfer, Nov. 15


Telegram & Gazette


$329,000, 14 Lake View Dr, Morrell, Lindsey, to Schuerman, Johann T, and Schuerman, Alyssa C.

 $225,000, 180 Sherbert Rd, D A Benoit FT, and Benoit, John A, to Bigelow, Scott, and Bigelow, Bethann.

 $55,000, Depot Rd, Somero, Jon, to Ashoryn LLC.


$383,475, 445 Main St, Bray Ave 9 LLC, to Morales, Guillermo, and Morales, Lauren.

 $24,000, Wares Rd, Pomerleau, Brian, and Pomerleau, Elizabeth, to Tirronen, John.


$289,000, 104 Goddard St, Tourigny, Peter L, and Tourigny, Kimberly A, to Wessel, Kevin, and Wessel, Jillian.

 $275,000, 129 Lakewood Dr, Magrone, Kay L, and Magrone, Frank, to Romeiro, Marco C, and Romeiro, Silvana.

 $215,000, 1251 Main St, Cambell, Matthew, to Howland, Scott R, and Howland, Jennifer M.

 $70,000, 8 Chestnut St, Harbour, Todd, to Gomes, Delrico.

 $15,000, 85 Everett Ave, Marsh, Jonathan M, and Marsh, April M, to Marsh, Jonathan M.


$506,000, 29 Park St, Dao, Kimberly H, to Alperin, Yan, and Alperin, Jessica.

 $315,000, 18 Colonial Rd, Popham, Sandra E, to Walsh, Katherine C.

 $270,000, 31 Lesley Ave, Margaret M Phillips T, and Krug, Sharon M, to Kulma, Kristie, and Kulma, Mariusz.

 $260,000, 36 Chestnut Ave, Vuong, Hung T, to Ferrara, Lynda M, and Ferrara, Lauren M.


$315,000, 760 South St, Goodwin, Ryan P, and Goodwin, Shellie C, to Bennett, Michael, and Bennett, Stacie.

 $314,000, 176 Cut Off Rd, Leis, David J, to Leblanc, Joseph R, and Raposa, Carissa A.

 $180,000, 499 Farrington Rd, Scholsser, Courtney D, and Coles, Susan F, to Gonzalez, Pedro P.


$390,000, 39 Montcalm Ave, Hassell, Michael T, and Dirosario, Ashley N, to Mckenna, Sabrina, and Mckenna, Matthew.

 $300,000, 23 Rocco Dr, Wu, Kathleen M, and Ciavardone, Robert, to Konieczny, Benjamin J.


$75,000, Whitcomb Rd, Daman, Stephen J, and Daman, Deborah J, to Sperry, David J.


$572,500, 18 Bay Path Dr, Hanshaw Marian C Est, and Hoffman, Lee, to Taylor, Kimberly K, and Taylor, Keli J.

 $205,000, 47 Perry Rd, Barnard Hill Estates LLC, to National Hm Executives.


$459,900, 16 Lindsey Ln, Mancini, Leslie-Ann P, and Mancini, John, to Grammer, Maryann, and Grammer, Robert.

 $440,000, 139 Dresser Hill Rd, Scott, Gene A, and Smith-Scott, Susan M, to Astrella, Joseph J, and Astrella, Elaine A.

 $395,000, 124 Gould Rd, Tupper, Agnes N, and Tupper, Edward, to Bunt, Darron C, and Rossetti, Victoria L.

 $370,000, 18 Curtis Hill Rd, Padro, Jane F, to Power, Bobbi-Jean.

 $360,000, 95 Baker Pond Rd, Isakson, Matthew M, and Isakson, Justine C, to Blondin, David.

 $330,000, 85 Sturbridge Rd, Madulka, Michael T, to Landreau Realty LLC.

 $85,000, Blood Rd, Jazwinski, Andy, and Jazwinski, Daniel, to Gauvin, Tyler E.


$431,390, 914 Crestwood Ln #914, Crabtree Heights LLC, to Privetera, Lisa M.

 $391,000, 84 Berlin St, Bonasoro LT, and Bonasoro, Alan A, to Maillet, Ryan J.

 $380,000, 35 Longedge Rd, Taylor, William, and Taylor, Nadine, to Knox, Jarrett, and Norbaka, Kendra A.

 $320,000, 308 Ridgefield Cir #C, Zacame, James J, to Tarantino, Paul M, and Tarantino, Heather L.

 $220,000, 23 Summit St, Bosselman, John W, and Bosselman, Sarah, to Silva, Iramar H.

 $138,000, 29 Berlin St #103, Freitas, Iramar H, to Alves, Luciano, and Tavares, Fernanda.


$320,000, 104 Martin Rd, Kane, Paul J, and Kane, Suzanne L, to Mathieu, Garrett, and Mathieu, Erin K.

 $250,000, 7 Gilboa St, Rowden, Gregory, and Rowden, Stephanie, to Hackert, Leslie A.


$3,791,000, 35-37 Chase Ave, Chase Mill Realty LLC, to Verde Organica LLC.

 $371,000, 3 Edward Rd, Grammer, Robert P, and Grammer, Maryann, to Itse, Christopher M, and Itse, Kristina M.

 $282,000, 11 Leonard Ave, Robillard, Albert, to Barilone, Paula.

 $255,000, 16 Ziemba Rd, Fiorentino, Cheryl A, to Mahota, Jessica A, and Fiorentino, David.

 $75,000, 5 Ellis Ave, Smith, Bennett J, to Smith, Michael.


$375,000, 387 Water St, Clearwater RE Inv Grp LLC, to Nin, Seawlanny.

 $315,000, 61 Clinton St, Gidopoulos, Theodosios, and Gidopoulos, Joan, to Velasquez, Alexandra M.

 $305,000, 101 Abbott Ave, Pavan, Raul D, and Carneiro, Liliana T, to DeMella, Stefany P.

 $268,000, 476 Wanoosnoc Rd, Scola, Judy, to Wahl, Pallas, and Debettencourt, Sadie.

 $239,000, 2 Arden Mills Way #2108, Caisse, Lauren, to Poirier, Armand O, and Anttila-Poirier, Helena.

 $230,000, 8 Douglas Ave, Wilmington T NA Tr, to Vicioso-Espino, Alison.

 $224,000, 14 Johnson St, Gordon, Melissa M, to Higgins, Michael, and Higgins, Donna.

 $215,000, 375-377 Water St, Clearwater RE Inv Grp LLC, to Nin, Seawlanny.

 $170,000, 189 Westminster St, Gilbert, William R, to Mendez, Catarino.

 $119,000, 168 Beech St, Potts, Boyd, and Deruzzo, Gail, to Aponte, Eduardo.

 $113,000, 7 Canton St, US Bank NA Tr, to Mendez, Francisco.


$460,000, 58 Elm St, Macchia, David A, to Watts, Christopher, and Watts, Sarah.

 $362,000, 180 Crestwood Dr, Moraes, Vera L, to Simpson, Mercy.

 $359,900, 13 Pearly Ln, Wu, Train, and Yang, Mai C, to Arias, William L.

 $355,000, 175 Holly Dr, Higgins, William P, and Higgins, Deborah M, to Galdamez, Silas E, and Galdamez, Zulma Y.

 $281,500, 32 Lennon St, Goss, Edward M, to Johnson, Daniel R.

 $270,000, 184 Regan St, CLK LLC, to Leger, Dianna, and Leger, Maria A.

 $260,000, 52 Foss Rd, Tramontozzi, Thomas M, and Tramontozzi, Teresa, to Vargas-Perez, Robinson, and Vargas, Kelly G.

 $240,000, 77 Lovewell St, Pike, Corey, and Pike, Jennifer, to Rodriguez, Jose L.

 $200,000, 54 Stuart St, Bennard, Sean E, to White, Kyle M.

 $199,900, 53 Greenwood St #2, Chartier, Christoff, to Caldwell-Spencer, Jasmin, and Caldwell-Spencer, Ina M.

 $195,000, 74 Sand St, Salem Vlg Craftsmen Inc, to Jerlina LLC.

 $193,000, 394 Parker St, Raitto, Bruce A, to Raitto, Nathan.

 $191,000, 287 Pine St, Pineau, Linda S, to Cancellieri, Kevin.

 $166,000, 59 Leamy St, Doiron, Victor, and Worcester Cmnty Hsng Rsrc, to Worcester Cmnty Hsng Rsrc.

 $150,000, 83 Cherry St, Benham, Creighton J, to Homestead RE Invest LLC.


$791,000, 5 White Birch Ln, Parsons, Jeffrey E, to Salvatierra, Mynor, and Salvatierra, Laila.

 $775,000, 20 Milford Rd, Richmand Properties Inc, to Z&J Realty LLC.

 $500,000, 45 Flint Pond Dr #45, Korab, Mitchell, to Calo, Tracey L.

 $418,000, 57 Buttercup Ln #57, Judge, Kewal S, and Judge, Satwinder K, to Thirmandas, Mahesh G, and Macherla, Sangamitra.

 $332,000, 186 Brigham Hill Rd, Wyrzykowski Barbara K Est, and Wyrzykowski, Christine E, to Edwards, John D.

 $244,500, 15 Elmrock Dr, Wheelrock LLC, to Yaya, Kabul, and Yaya, Laila.

 $244,500, 16 Elmrock Dr, Wheelrock LLC, to Gurguis, Nevein, and Nakhla, Hany N.


$176,635, 53 Chagnon Rd, Beland, Debra A, and Phaneuf, Ellen M, to Cole, William, and Greene, Christine.

 $130,000, 39 Summer Pl, Poulin, David B, to Cullum, Dee, and Cullum, Dell.

 $54,865, Chagnon Rd, Phaneuf, Ellen M, to Cole, William, and Greene, Christine.


$870,000, 187 W Bare Hill Rd, Bull, Darwin S, and Butcher, Deborah G, to Corcoran, Christopher, and Burrows, Anne.

 $685,000, 10 Houghton Ln, Debruin, Michael F, and Debruin, Beth M, to Cushing, John D, and Reisberg, Kristyna R.

 $581,970, 65 Grant Rd, Devens Village Green LLC, to Tibbits, Nutt M.

 $529,900, 96 Old Mill Rd, Sotiropoulos, Mark J, and Sotiropoulos, Karen A, to Demaria, Courtney.

 $462,000, 56 Old Mill Rd, Tomson IRT, and Williamson, Thomas J, to Dwivedi, Neeraj.


$542,000, 125 Blair Dr, Bahde, Stephen M, and Bahde, Jessica M, to Barnaby, Kevin M, and Barnaby, Abigail B.

 $494,450, 67 Sawyer Ln, Lead The Way Dev Corp, to Cantatore, Andrew J, and Cantatore, Elizabeth M.

 $469,000, 174 Broad St #F, Simac RT, and Harrity, James M, to Lindberg, Yanira.

 $407,500, 350 South Rd, Bartlett, Donald A, to Ninos, Steven.

 $341,000, 300 Chapel St, Benoit Christina E Est, and Duquette, Jessica L, to Collette, Christopher J, and Cheyne, Elizabeth.

 $320,000, 46 Bancroft Rd, Pare, David G, to Smith, Kevin R.

 $266,100, 216 Reservoir St #107, Mountain, William H, and Mountain, Kathleen E, to Waddell, Louis M.

 $230,000, 67 Princeton St, Tremblay, Rita M, to Hernandez Enterprises LLC.

 $77,500, 85 Cutler Rd, Holden Realty Inc, to Simac RT, and Harrity, James M.

 $67,500, 75 Cutler Rd, Holden Realty Inc, to Simac RT, and Harrity, James M.


$475,000, 44 Mashapaug Rd, Patnode, Robert P, and Gentile, Paula, to Levy-Carrick, Nomi C, and Carrick, Richard D.

 $362,000, 111 Butterworth Ext, Bobowicz, Christopher A, and Griesbach, Julie M, to Kadlik, Mark, and Kadlik, Cathy.


$500,000, 60 Mellen St, 60 Mellen Holdings LLC, to TAA Realty LLC.

 $476,000, 2 Tillotson Rd, Mcnally, John E, and Mcnally, Luana Y, to Mclaughlin, Robert.

 $283,000, 40 Progress St #40, Rose, Jason C, to Vespa, Peter, and Barraford, Kristen G.


$449,600, 27 Chippewa St, Saliga, David J, and Saliga, Joyce E, to Palmer, Melinda B.

 $299,000, 56 Gardner Rd, Erickson, Kenneth L, and Erickson, Pauline A, to Paper Crane Provisions.

 $15,000, Hubbardston Rd, Robert Meagher LT, and Meagher, Robert, to Silkey, Nathan.


$568,000, 290 Chestnut St, Edwards, David H, and Edwards, Mary G, to Diblasi, Thomas, and Dignan, Danielle.

 $515,000, 15 Summer St, Desouza, Lusmar C, and Desouza, Neuza Q, to Silva, Francisco V.

 $510,000, 4 Hillside Rd, Carney, David M, and Carney, Joanne S, to Trottier, Angela E, and Trottier, Ian W.

 $407,000, 30 Bennett St, Bell, Mathew, to Mroz, Francis, and Mroz, Maureen.

 $406,000, 16-B Rock Ave, US Bank NA Tr, to Kiendo, Sandra.

 $250,000, 157 Main St #1, Segap Condo, Ren, Bao Z, to Phoenix L LLC.

 $250,000, 157 Main St #2, Gao, Da L, and Ren, Bao Z, to Phoenix L LLC.


$365,000, 411 Main St, Quinn, Erin, to Berard, Julie C.

 $350,000, 267 S Meadow Rd, Imperio, Kristjon E, and Imperio, Mindy L, to Williams, Jessica, and Williams, Jeffrey.

 $250,000, 30 Perry Rd, Smith, Bonnie M, to Koehler, John A.

 $239,900, 76 Mill St #5, Ross, Erin E, to Strobel, Gail E.


$485,000, 17 Hyland Ave, Gouin, Keith D, and Gouin, Tara J, to Zito, Christopher, and Mckenzie-Zito, Elizabeth.

 $350,000, 3 Hankey St, Prabucka, Maria, to Blease, Lindsey P, and Levine, Joseph D.

 $290,000, 149 Peter Salem Rd, Gillette, Jacinta, and Croke, Christopher, to Manzi, Christopher J, and Hayden, Catherine.

 $285,000, 57 Pine St, Taylor, George W, to Hickson, James L, and Hickson, Amanda C.


$500,000, 293 Abbott Ave, Alonso, Grecco, and Alonso, Lindsay, to Condon, Robert A, and Condon, Kayleigh A.

 $420,000, 48 Prospect Ter, Jeanette L Morin T, and Morin, Roger, to Nastri, William, and Nastri, Jennifer C.

 $400,000, 51 Wilder Ln, Delisle, Derek J, and Delisle, Melissa A, to Dion, Rhonda.

 $353,000, 65 Overlook Dr, Anttila-Poirier, Helena, and Poirier, Armand O, to Carbone, Rachael M, and Bouchard, Christopher M.

 $350,000, 316 Water St, Shaw, Bryan M, and Smith, Stephanie L, to Defarias, Lucas I.

 $350,000, 343 Hamilton St, Ketema, Habtermariam, and Ketema, Hewit, to Williams, Charles.

 $330,000, 222 Florence St, Condon, Robert A, to Giron, Oseas.

 $309,000, 21 Glenwood Dr, Hulecki, Gary P, and Hulecki, Tina, to Meattey, Craig L.

 $280,000, 59 Dewey Ave, Schuerman, Johann T, and Wernick, Alyssa C, to Niall, David.

 $235,900, 72 N Main St, FNMA, to Morais&Martins LLC.

 $208,400, 143 Walnut St #3, Park, Nancy A, to Liukkonen, Karen E.

 $205,000, 117 Cortland Cir #117, Serafini, Anthony M, to Tata, Lucas.

 $193,000, 51 Fox Meadow Rd #B, Boule, Todd, to Dube, Brandon P.

 $190,000, 11 Berrington Rd #11, Blaine, Thomas, to Santell-Rivera, Angel M, and Muniz-Ortiz, Jennifer L.

 $183,000, 39 Fox Meadow Rd #F, Wilion, Harold, to Gao, Ling Y, and Hu, Jing F.

 $95,000, Johnny Appleseed Ln, Eunice M Gale RT, and Gale, Andrew W, to BBC Development LLC.


$875,000, 376 Sunset Ln, A R&Carolyn S Burke RET, and Burke, Arthur E, to Gallagher, John C, and Gallagher, Annette.

 $316,000, 76 Eastern Ave, Meireles, Nadja C, to Miner, Zachary, and Guido-Miner, Marie.

 $100,000, 36 Pine Grove Rd, Chase, Linda S, and Chase, Marc A, to Chase, Andrew C.


$16,700,000, 123 Felton St, 123 Felton Street LLC, to NV Felton Fund LLC.

 $769,900, 150 Taylor Rd, Ursula J Dangelo LT, and Dangelo, Ursula J, to Kilduff, Megan, and Wolf, David.

 $760,000, 634 Sudbury St, Cefalo, Joseph, and Cefalo, Gabrielli B, to Parker, Jeffrey B, and Waid-Parker, Alexa.

 $710,000, 134 Kelleher St, Feller, Maura E, and Feller, Edward K, to Kuriakose, Jelty, and Kuriakose, Jancy P.

 $626,500, 14 Turner Ridge Rd, Winwin Properties LLC, to Barbieri, Damon.

 $584,900, 376 Farm Rd, Shah, Bhaumikkumar, and Shah, Ankita B, to Williams, Earl J, and Williams, Rosa R.

 $540,000, 123 Houde St, Duggan, Ann F, to Nicotra, Joseph P.

 $470,000, 64 Cullinane Dr, Aucoin, Nancy, to Griswold, Allison.

 $410,000, 17 Deerskin Ln #17, Kunnath, Jancy P, and Maniattukudiyil, Kuriakos, to Santillan-Gamboa, Roberto, and Carrizales-Ceja, Maria.

 $353,010, 81 Oakcrest Ave, USA VA, to Macbill LLC.

 $350,000, 27 Oakcrest Ave, Aykanian, Mary L, to Aykanian, Aaron S, and Aykanian, Amanda R.

 $335,000, 6 Village Dr #6, Miller, Judith A, to Fuentes, Miryam, and Fuentes, Luisa.

 $96,500, 608 Boston Post Rd E #19, Boston Post Rd E, Rana Brothers LLC, to Li, Li.


$850,000, 23 Lincoln St, TBSN Corp, to Liomor LLC.

 $514,900, 67 Field Pond Rd, Sanylah Crossing LLC, to Glassburn, John R.

 $510,000, 42 Walden Way #42, Curran, Jonathan, and Curran, Jessica, to Gilley, Diane.

 $460,000, 9 Wales St, Dignazio, Robert R, and Dignazio, Karen L, to Freeman, Matthew D, and Freeman, Kalee A.

 $445,000, 23 Taft St, Rogers-Kelley, Jennifer, and Kelley, James D, to Bosse, Erica M, and Bosse, Jordon D.

 $437,000, 11 Sunnyside Ln, Sanchioni, James T, and Mainint-Sanchioni, E A, to Menezes, Felcy P, and Menezes, Eric V.

 $418,000, 25 Cornell Dr, Manchester-Miles, Dennis, to Girard, Erin J, and Lyon, Michael J.

 $371,000, 7 Broad St, Amour, Richard M, and Pigeon, Susan D, to Lopez, Zulma L.

 $362,000, 153 W Spruce St, Senst, William A, and Senst, Carla R, to Yates, Nathan R, and Yates, Mary K.

 $326,000, 52 West St, Thomas, Brian, and Thomas, Annette, to Waithe, Cara L, and Waithe, Shanice J.

 $265,000, 7 Florence St, Ellmore, Maria A, to Ellmore, Katelyn M.

 $230,000, 6 Capital Rd, Mccarthy, Elizabeth A, and Mccarthy, Robert, to Appleton Grove LLC.

 $145,000, 12 Shadowbrook Ln #3, Small, Richard, and Goncalves-Small, Angela, to Murphy, John I, and Murphy, Jeanne L.


$1,500,000, Bob Millers Way, Southwest Cutoff LLC, to United Material Mgmt.

 $450,000, 232 Millbury Ave, Elli RT, and Richardson, Lisa M, to Haskins Home LLC.

 $420,000, 17 Skyview Dr, Warehouse Plastics Co Inc, to Cristy, Jonathan.

 $235,000, 39 Lincoln Avenue Ext, US Bank NA Tr, to Klingmeyer, Fred.

New Braintree

$295,000, 431 Barr Rd, Trudeau, Erik T, and Trudeau, Leah D, to Walker, Emily A, and Walker, Jennifer.

 $195,000, 1470 Gilbertville Rd, Staiti, Anthony F, and Staiti, Sharon R, to Relerford, Louis T, and Allain, Sharon R.

North Brookfield

$280,000, 39 Brookfield Rd, Lucier, Peter J, and Lucier, Heather L, to Nichols, Joseph, and Nichols, Erin.

 $265,000, 8 W Brookfield Rd, Daley, Ryan P, and Daley, Stacey M, to Mcmanus, Roger.

 $242,000, 122 Summer St, Burnett, Karen J, to Sanders, Matthew D.


$1,037,000, 201-A Ball St, Dixon, Richard P, and Dixon, Dorothy J, to Delre, Jodi.

 $495,500, 11 Intervale Farm Ln, Durkin LT, and Durkin, Joseph J, to Palmer FT, and Palmer, James E.

 $480,000, 18 Sunset Dr, Haven Const Mgmt Inc, to Comeau, Jacob A, and Falconer, Emily N.

 $445,000, 5 Elizabeth Dr #5, Barbara S Natoli RET, and Kohout, Barbara S, to Cotter, John F, and Cotter, Geraldine S.

 $439,000, 19 Prospect St, Jenboco FT, and Henry, Robert W, to Attia, Marawan G, and Attia, Nikki.

 $393,000, 186 Bearfoot Rd, Rajasekar, Durai, and Duraichamy, Rajasekaran, to Gomes, Carlos A, and Calory, Silvia C.


$535,000, 460 Roosevelt Dr, Griepsma, David W, and Griepsma, Shannon M, to Henry, Robert W, and Henry, Jennifer M.

 $437,000, 249 Marston Rd, Baham, Jonathan, and Baham, Andrea, to Bundy, Michael J, and Bundy, Lauren B.

 $352,000, 113 Theresa Cir, White, Jeffrey W, and White, Colleen, to Murphy, Mark A, and Murphy, Ashleigh M.

 $290,000, 28 Plummer Park, Bundy, Michael J, and Bundy, Lauren B, to Reed, Nicholas.

 $250,000, 7 Summit St #7, Menard, Richard A, and Menard, Laureen A, to Hartwell, Thomas F, and Hartwell, Rebecca A.

 $239,500, 5 Summit St #5, Fregeau, Suzanne D, to Jennison, Julia, and Nelson, Collin.

 $115,000, 202 Church St, 789 LLC, to Younes, Samih T.


$285,000, 1048 N Brookfield Rd, Foresteire, Elizabeth J, to Lavallee, Kyle R.

 $150,000, 324 Scott Rd, Cerce, Anthony J, and Cerce, Amy L, to Prabucka, Maria.


$248,000, 113 New Athol Rd #43, Witter, Rebecca M, and Witter, Roger A, to Risatti, Donald, and Risatti, Joy.

 $10,000, 87 Congress St, Farris, Christopher E, to Szenftner, Deborah A.


$369,900, 115 Charlton St, Nachilo, Katarzyna, and Nachilo, Slawomir Z, to Wilmot, Richard, and Wilmot, Patricia.

 $369,800, 24 Lind St, Strom, Charles P, and Strom, Kathy J, to Davis, Kimberly R, and Coskun, Ilker.

 $290,000, 25 Ashworth Dr #B, Blondin, Maria, and Blondin, Michael, to Watkins, Anna E.

 $289,000, 64 Larned Rd, Vanderbrug, Holland E, and Pugh, Michael S, to Hayden, Kirk N.

 $65,000, 25 Walcott St, Baril FT, and Baril, Richard G, to Rieser, Stephen M.


$365,000, 76 New Salem Rd, Alton, Danielle M, and Alton, Seth, to Gomez, Zachary.

 $360,360, 84 South St, Pinder, Charles, and Sholes-Pinder, Hope, to Schumaker, Gregory, and Schumaker, Lauren.

 $22,500, Nelson Rd, Dearebay, Dennis, and Fearebay, Lorinda, to Lindfors, Kevin.

 $22,500, Nelson Rd, Fearebay, Dennis, and Fearebay, Lorinda, to Lindfors, Kevin.


$440,000, 115 Hobbs Rd, Southard FT, and Marcello, Ethan, to Henderson, Zachary T.

 $410,000, 19 Matthews Ln, Normandin Group LLC, to Bisceglia, Brian, and Bisceglia, Veronica L.

 $302,000, 10 Ball Hill Rd, Almy, Sara A, to Roy, Caitlyn M.


$240,000, 40 S Royalston Rd, Thompson, David R, and Thompson, Lisa M, to Guzman, Altagracia.


$466,800, 89 Campbell St, JM Soucy Contracting Inc, to Mcguirk, Patrick C, and Mcguirk, Robin G.

 $435,000, 2 Brintnal Dr, Depari, Kelly, and Depari, Nicholas, to Radesky, Amanda J, and Ando, James.

 $425,609, 46 Woodside Ave, Brice Estates Inc, to Rutherford, Ben R, and Rutherford, Kimberly P.

 $415,000, 11 Winifreds Way, Wilmot, Richard L, and Wilmot, Patricia F, to VanOrden, Kirby D, and Beckner, Adams J.

 $369,800, 19 Demond Pond Row, M A Elbag Bldg Contractrs, to Frysinger, Daniel, and Frysinger, Shelby.

 $356,741, 17 Soucy Dr #26, J M Soucy Contracting Inc, to Langevin, Marie F.

 $354,900, 176 Barre Paxton Rd, Jancura, Franklin H, and Jancura, Laura L, to Anderson, Kristina B, and Ordung, Jeffery.


$879,900, 9 Parmenter Hill Rd, Summit Ridge Estates Inc, to Kanteti, Lalit K, and Yalamuru, Bhavana.

 $695,000, 3 Park St W, Bernard, John P, to Port, Jason J, and Port, Sara M.

 $685,000, 7 Darren Dr, Jeevanantham, Muthukumara, and Seshaiyan, Shwetha, to Muralidhar, Vikram, and Murthy, Shwetha.

 $660,000, 8 Tavern St, BAL RT, and Mcdermott, Edward F, to Ava Roy 2019 T, and Roy, Ronald L.

 $648,900, 307 Main St, Palmer, Alan, and Palmer, Michelle, to Stiff, Andrew, and Miller-Stiff, Elizabeth.

 $575,000, 2 Maple Ave, 2 Maple Avenue LLC, to Slay Realty LLC.

 $460,000, 43 Woodland Rd, Port, Jason J, and Port, Sara M, to King, John F, and King, Lauren.

 $365,000, 116 Harrington Farms Way #116, Eichelman, Leann S, to Mopidevi, Sridhar, and Mopidevi, Laxmi M.

 $325,000, 11 Liberty Dr, Zahoruiko, Dana L, to Jalbert, Paul.

 $165,000, 34 Brooklawn Pkwy, Sanders, John A, to Ernenwein, Ronald, and Ernenwein, Julie.


$1,560,100, 6 Metcalf Ln, Poulin, Peter E, and Poulin, Jeanne S, to Gammal, Tory S, and Gammal, Charles A.

 $1,225,000, 3 Schipper Farm Ln, Terricciano, Beth A, and Terricciano, David A, to Sechko, Steven J, and Sechko, Heather L.

 $894,250, 9 Kidder Ln, Makanji, Sagar, and Makanji, Haita, to Kalsi, Harkamaldeep, and Bhermi, Harsimran.

 $812,000, 8 Clemmons St, Gray, Maria E, to Brooks, Jeffrey, and Alavian, Christina.

 $810,000, 1 Killam Farm Ln, Lidsky, Sinai, and Lidsky, Marion, to Liu, Dongsheng, and Tian, Xiaolei.

 $790,000, 33 Overlook Dr, Dashevsky, Yury, and Dashevsky, Izabella, to Salter, Esther, and Salter, Daniel.

 $635,000, 33 Richards Rd, M&E Ventures Corp, to Macdonald, Patrick R, and Macdonald, Adriana.

 $510,000, 183-A Parkerville Rd, Kuchnir Realty LLC, to Millan-Pulecio, Ivan, and Millan, Luciana.


$325,000, 66 Lebanon Hill Rd, Bond, Micah R, and Bond, Kristin A, to George, David E, and George, Cheryl A.

 $274,000, 52 Locust Ave, Obrien, Edward J, to Arnold, Jason A, and Arnold, Carmen I.

 $270,000, 21 Marcy St, George, David E, and George, Cheryl A, to Crisostomo, Frangel A.

 $262,500, 103 Everett St, Prokos, Alexander S, to Baggarly, David B, and Baggarly, Abigail V.

 $255,000, 161 Sayles St, Diaz, Olga L, to Maysonet, Rosaida.

 $135,000, 127 Cliff St, Giroux, Raymond J, and Giroux, Janet R, to Silveira, Erivaldo, and Silveira, Ieva.

 $112,500, 6 Dupaul St, Southbridge Chrch Christ, to Cloutier, John W.

 $90,949, 297 Ashland Ave #23, Tougas, Marc, to Paulino, Ana.


$369,000, 75 Bacon Hill Rd, Vitkos, Angelique, and Vitkos, Todd, to Gilchrist, Keith, and Gilchrist, Jennifer L.

 $317,500, 56 Cherry St, Foist NT, and Foisy, Michael F, to Kim, Pyong.

 $285,000, 25 Lake View Dr, Lindberg, David H, to Haynes, Corey, and Haynes, Cynthia.

 $282,000, 16 Old Farm Rd, Bolivar, Brian P, to Richards, Heather, and Ashmore, Cj.

 $180,000, 62 Grove St, Mercon, Melissa, and Mercon, Steven, to Nieves-Valentin, Christia, and Valentin, Edwin.

 $57,500, 73 Wilson Ave, 73 Wilson LLC, to Sobiech, Andrzej.


$630,000, 14 Adam Taylor Rd, Maier, Gary, and Maier, Nicole, to Kong, Yen P, and Jongpaiboonkit, Leena.

 $551,000, 134 Kendall Hill Rd, Vanslette, David J, and Marrazzo, Louann, to Kerzee, Zachary, and Kerzee, Kendra.

 $450,000, 10 Charles Patten Dr, Moran, Julie A, to Kreidermacher, Meghan L, and Birr, John E.

 $150,000, Justice Hill Rd #5, Justice Hill Inc, to Dietel, Irving, and Dietel, Deborah.


$364,000, 56 Old Village Rd, Huettmann, Brenda, to Keane, Eileen.

 $333,000, 36 Breakneck Rd, Dunn, Carey J, and Dunn, Kathryn, to Mancini, Leslie A.

 $320,000, 37 Breakneck Rd, Renovated Real Estate LLC, to StGermain, Stephanie A, and Goff, Ryan L.

 $275,000, 22 Sturbridge Hills Rd #22, Kronfeld, Louis R, and Kronfeld, Teresa A, to R I&Sandra A Glass IRT, and Glass, Scott.


$860,000, 11 Eagle Dr #11, Singh, Gurbachan, and Singh, Alexandria, to Lussier, Michael N, and Lussier, Deborah A.

 $740,000, 38 Mcclellan Rd, Silverman, Jerald, and Barber, Lisa G, to Jawor, John, and Jawor, Sarah E.


$366,500, 100 South Rd, Case, Shawn K, to Willis, Michael, and Lawrence, Ameliah.

 $152,000, 23 Mill Stone Ln #23, Cardwell, Rita, to Digiannantonio, Bianca A.

 $120,000, 15 Carruth Rd, Graves-Grondin, Rebecca J, to CIL Rlty Of MA Inc.


$2,350,000, 35 Scales Ln, Hyacinth&Everett Realty, to 35 Scales Lane LLC.

 $464,000, 4 Jonathan Ln, Obrien, Joseph J, and Craven-Obrien, Virginia, to Pinter, Linda E, and Gregory, Valon.

 $345,000, 44 Old Battery Rd, Baillargeon, Lisa M, and Baillargeon, Marc L, to Dempsey, Dylan L, and Rudd, Hannah L.

 $215,500, 65 Ash St, James, Daniel, and James, Kealah M, to Turner, Christian.

 $200,000, 32 Main St, Piper-Boyer, Ginja A, and Boyer, Brian E, to ASC Enterprises Inc.


$780,000, Tyler Rd, New Generation Custom Hm, to Coukos, Cherie L, and Read-Coukos, Christopher.

 $730,000, 23 Dairy Dr, Mattera, Glen P, and Mattera, Maryann L, to Mansy, Aghaby L, and Leef-Mansy, Alamer.

 $582,000, 114 Chestnut St, Waters, Allan R, and Waters, Susan M, to Pupczyk, Adam, and Pupczyk, Joanna.

 $452,865, 25 Shannon Way, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC, to Orourke, Bruce J, and Orourke, Barbara A.


$1,082,000, 15 Nicholas Way, TDJ Materials LLC, to West River Homes LLC.

 $1,082,000, 2 W River Rd, TDJ Materials LLC, to West River Homes LLC.

 $1,082,000, 25 Nicholas Way, TDJ Materials LLC, to West River Homes LLC.

 $1,082,000, 5 Nicholas Way, TDJ Materials LLC, to West River Homes LLC.

 $675,000, 274 Mendon St, Lemire, Gerald A, and Lemire, Mary L, to West River Homes LLC.

 $640,000, 574 Elmwood Ave, Dallarosa, Joseph L, and Dallarosa, Sheila, to Clinker, Conor, and Clinker, Amanda.

 $580,000, 40 Elmshade Dr, RRMRDQ NT, and Quist, Robert D, to Lemire, Mary L, and Lemire, Gerald A.

 $510,000, 16 Mountainview Rd, Manohar, Mandar, and Manohar, Joni B, to Lomas, Conor, and Baker, Julie.

 $435,000, 48 Hazel St, Richardson, Aaron, to Killay, Angela.

 $402,000, 26 Richardson St, Oles, Susan M, to Dudley, Seth M, and Dudley, Erin M.

 $393,000, 125 Taft Hill Ln #125, Goodnow NT, and Goodnow, Warren J, to Andreotti, Frederick L, and Andreotti, Donna E.

 $315,000, 7 Stagecoach Ct #7, Claggett, Lance, and Claggett, M Susan, to Slotta, Lynne C.


$390,000, 17 Williston Dr, Landry, Kyle, and Landry, Andrea, to Onofri, Rosemary, and Celata, Anthony P.

 $42,180, 51-53 Pulaski St, Thaddeus Kosciusko RET, and Larzazs, Mariellen, to A To Z Prop Mgmt&Renovatn.

 $42,180, 55 Pulaski St, General Pulaski RT, and Nallett, James, to A To Z Prop Mgmt&Renovatn.


$311,000, 457 Brimfield Rd, Pennington, Cody J, and Pennington, Kristienne L, to Mercon, Melissa, and Mercon, Steven.


$387,500, 23 Malden Dr, Ricci, Walter D, and Ricci, Barbara, to Martinez, Luis, and Martinez, Danielle.

 $340,000, 20 Kingsbury Rd, Guerin, John E, to Mercer, Jourdan A, and Mercer, Jocelyn.

 $320,000, 9 Riebe Ave, Elderkin, Joseph, and Cyrek, Nicole, to Hanney, Ryan P.

 $247,900, 8 Concord Ct #B, Koziak, Edward, and Koziak, Cynthia, to Bullen, Patricia A, and Bullen, Jason A.

 $106,000, 11 Scenic Ave, Deluca, Ann M, and Deluca, Robert J, to M3 Innovations Inc.

West Boylston

$14,600,000, 180 Shrewsbury St, BIV 180 Shrewsbury LLC, to PPF Ind 180 Shrewsbury.

 $62,500, Evergreen Ave, Mercurio, Stephen J, to Evangelista, Joseph R, and Evangelista, Joanne E.

West Brookfield

$200,000, 33 Winter St, Fant, Debra K, and Williams, Brian, to Mcpartlan, Stephen.

 $170,000, 63 Central St, Fedirko, Jennifer L, to Rowland, Alicia.


$2,300,000, 31-33 Eli Whitney St, Despres, Thomas J, and Despres, Francis V, to Westborough Town Of.

 $925,000, 34 Morse St, Modish Nest LLC, to Varadarajan, Vivek, and Agarwal, Sweety D.

 $795,000, 15 Smith St, Haff, Lawrence A, and Haff, Nancy J, to Roaza, Mafui, and Marma, Mong.

 $615,000, 36 Powder Hill Way #36, Swartz, Russell P, to Altman, Mark D.

 $578,000, 3 Birch Rd, Thompson, William H, and Thompson, Patricia A, to Bhat, Raghavendra R, and Bhat, Shantala A.

 $524,000, 4 Imperial Ct #4, Wiest, Donna S, and Wiest, Paul E, to Bentan T, and Nelson, Bryan.

 $165,000, 145 Milk St #22, Johnson, Tracy H, and Johnson, Tracey H, to Logan, Timothy.


$566,750, 9 White Pine Dr, Traditional Concepts Inc, to Rodgers, Anthony, and Rodgers, Ashley.

 $418,000, 114 Worcester Rd, Lead The Way Dev Corp, to Jones, Danielle N, and Jones, Joshua D.

 $350,000, 1 Village Inn Rd, Loring RT, and Barrett, Loring H, to Callahan, Eric.

 $348,500, 18-20 Sunset Rd, Petalas, Michael D, and Hawkins-Petalas, Brenda, to Anderson, Jesse J.


$555,000, 731 River St, MASB T, and Fellows, Alison J, to Harris, Kathryn.

 $92,518, 11 Royalston Rd S, Bohan, Corey A, and Bohan, Megan R, to Chrn, Jianwu.

 $60,705, 170 Lakeshore Dr, Mason, Donald E, and Mason, Pamela J, to Mason, Donald E.


$1,712,904, 2 Delldale St, SWDD LLC, to M Jemms Worcester 1 LLC.

 $1,237,096, 201 Dewey St, SWDD LLC, to M Jemms Worcester 1 LLC.

 $1,075,000, 286 Pleasant St, WRB 286 Pleasant St LLC, to 286 Boston LLC.

 $600,000, 130 Millbury St, Rector, James, and Rector, Elizabeth, to A&H RT LLC.

 $589,000, 46 Drury Ln, Mulryan, Terrance N, to Caracappa, Alexander A, and Marsh, Sanara K.

 $550,000, 2 Trevor Ln, Saldanha, Anderson, and Saldanha, Maria, to Gutmann, James C, and Gutmann, Elizabeth L.

 $485,000, 13 Douglas St, Le, Xinh, and Le, Sinh, to Oliveira, Vander L.

 $459,900, 259 Lake Ave N, Apogee Development LLC, to Fogelman, Shmuel.

 $450,000, 267 Lincoln St, Benyamin, Emad, and Benyamin, Nahed, to 267 Lincoln Street LLC.

 $440,100, 55 Alvarado Ave, Stanley, Dawn M, and Coughlin, Dennis D, to Hoang, Khanh, and Dao, Cam-Ha.

 $427,000, 101 Houghton St, Gooseberry LLC, to Yimeli, Laurence R.

 $425,000, 2 Dartmouth St, Stazie, John J, and Strazie, Susan M, to Dao, Tu T, and Hoang, Khanh.

 $422,000, 2 Brookside Ave, 2 Brookside RT, and Katz, Sheldon K, to ATC Brookside LLC.

 $420,000, 16 Inman Ave, RKD Development LLC, to Duodu, Oheneba K.

 $400,000, 16 Fern St, Truong, Linh T, to Nguyen, Phat T.

 $399,000, 775 Grafton St, Quang, Lan, and Quang, Pamela, to Vraj&Deep LLC.

 $399,000, 783 Grafton St, Quang, Lan, and Quang, Pamela, to Vraj&Deep LLC.

 $396,000, 27 Yukon Ave, Setor, Charles K, to Gurung, Rachel, and Gurung, Jacob.

 $395,000, 577 Grove St, Ashiaa L Thompson RET, and Barrow, Wayne A, to Patil, Gangadhar.

 $375,000, 196 Perry Ave, MOR Realty LLC, to Perez, Carlos M.

 $375,000, 200 Perry Ave, O&R RT, and Orourke, Michael, to Perez, Carlos M.

 $375,000, 53 Perry Ave, O&R RT, and Orourke, Michael, to Perez, Carlos.

 $375,000, 55 Perry Ave, AT&DP Realty LLC, to Perez, Carlos M.

 $371,775, 22 Marwood Rd, Ostroskey, Peter J, and Ostroskey, Jessica K, to Thornton, Elaine.

 $370,000, 26 Woodman Rd, Pinto, Bruce P, and Pinto, Mary L, to Murphy, Maureen.

 $350,000, 30 Forbes St, Maki, Kristen L, to Carini, Caitlin, and Mejia, Jackson.

 $348,000, 51 Rich St, Bisceglia, Brian, and Bisceglia, Veronica L, to Farjadi, Roxana M, and Jones, Stephen M.

 $344,000, 51 Catharine St, Gooseberry LLC, to Kaufman, Robert, and Intachim-Kaufman, Piyarat.

 $340,000, 3 Homestead Ave, Hagerty, William A, and Hagerty, Carol M, to Castanos, Lucidania.

 $331,000, 138 May St, Zahrah, Azade, and Kakki, Evan, to Flannery, Christian.

 $329,000, 49 Darnell Rd, Bellerose, Destinee, and Carucci, James, to Gibson, Raymond, and Gibson, Rachel.

 $321,000, 833 Grove Street Ter, Enman, John D, to Baker, Cari A.

 $315,000, 3 Thornton Rd, Hicks, Matthew, and Hicks, Precious, to Delva, Marc, and Joseph-Delva, Patricia.

 $310,000, 15 Brookhaven Rd, Swillo, Sara, to Marino, Daniel J, and Agnew, Alicia M.

 $309,000, 24 Tyson Rd, Hutchins, Junea, to Durant, Joanna D.

 $307,500, 186 Fairhaven Rd, VanOrden, Kirby D, to Killoran, Michael, and Goldman, Jennifer.

 $300,000, 22 Monteforte St, Martinez, Luis, and Martinez, Danielle, to Murphy, Lyndsey.

 $300,000, 7 Mcgill St, Negron, Marvin A, to Topi, Denion.

 $296,000, 5 Pine Crest Dr, Cherry FT, and Cherry, Christopher P, to Withers, Ryan P.

 $281,150, 22 Rydberg Ter, Kaupelis Susan L Est, and Carr, Diane R, to Kott, Samule.

 $280,000, 53 Glezen St, Quinn, John P, to Belcher, Dichawn T, and Belcher, Clarrissa I.

 $275,000, 26 Stoneleigh Rd, Stoneleigh Road NT, and Martella, Paul R, to Byers, William, and Byers, Michael.

 $272,500, 79 Pointe Rok Dr #79, Beaudoin, Paul E, and Wisuri, Jason D, to Varda, Marcia A.

 $268,000, 26 Velander St, Loader, Mandy L, to Huzar, Patricia, and Mcnamara, Neal.

 $265,000, 222 Olean St, Denise J Collins IRT, and Moynagh, Maryellen, to Rentsch, Jessica, and Brooks, Matthew.

 $256,000, 111 Ararat St, Scribner, Daniel A, and Scribner, Christine A, to Ragno, Brandon J.

 $245,000, 153 S Flagg St, Lebeau, Lawrence A, and Lebeau, Marybeth, to Shaka, Edi, and Qafzezi, Marsela.

 $210,000, 217 Cohasset St, Kisiel, John T, to Boursiquot, Rose M.

 $202,000, 116 Malvern Rd, MK 3 Properties LLC, to Property Inv Solution LLC.

 $191,000, 29 Camelot Dr #29, Lili Schiffman IRT, and Goldstein, Caren A, to Donikian, Johann.

 $180,000, 4 Blake St, Kananenka, Dzmitry, and Barysava, Alena, to Nguyen, Uyen, and Nguyen, Loc.

 $180,000, 50 Adams St #307, Czerminski, Jan, to Asn Group LLC.

 $170,100, 7 Darrow St, Smith, Alexander, to Fang, Ton.

 $170,000, 29 Rydberg Ter, Power-Barys K P Est, and Mannix, Nancy E, to PJP Homes LLC.

 $170,000, 38 Kendrick Ave, USA HUD, to Silveira-Santos, Robervan, and Silveira-Santos, Ronan.

 $168,000, 36 Elm St #B, Boisvert, Maurice, and Boisvert, Pamela, to Boisvert, Felicitie.

 $115,000, 15 Carlstad St #2, Risotti, Stacey A, to Peloquin, Matthew J, and Bao, Ying.


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