Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, Jan. 10


Telegram & Gazette


$550,000, 44 Hilltop Dr, Dandy LT, and Dandy, Harold, to Wrigley, Karen L, and Walsh, Kelly D.

$380,000, 23 Liberty Ln, Powers, Joseph E, and Powers, Amy L, to Santos, Lindsay M.

$95,000, Winchendon Rd, Lashua Kevin A Est, and Weiss, Steven, to Villani, Heidi.


$1,175,000, 304 Washington St, Nemmg RT, and Mikitarian, Michael G, to 304 Washington Street LLC.

$490,000, 35 School St, Epis Missions Wstrn MA, to Hosanna Gospel Center Inc.

$380,000, 51 Bryn Mawr Ave, Russell Edna M Est, and Russell, Lisa, to Webster, Nicholas, and Popovich, Emma.

$134,900, Prospect St #1, Martineau, Eric J, and Martineau, Brittany, to EB RT, and Elkinson, David.


$370,000, 80 Quinn Rd, Brochu, Joseph, to Hart, Michael, and Lamothe, Elaine M.

$335,000, 258 Oakham Rd, Fedirko, John A, and Fedirko, Chris, to Fritscher, Scott A, and Fritscher, Kristi L.

$299,000, 789 Hubbardston Rd, Venture Cmnty Svcs Inc, to Brown, Joseph L, and Brown, Leighton A.

$234,000, 45 Wilton St, Fritscher, Scott A, and Fritscher, Kristi L, to Austin, Jack H, and Austin, Valerie J.

$217,000, 12 Eagle Dr, Papierski, Michael H, and Papierski, Carolyn S, to Vessella, Robert J, and Vessella, Shannon E.


$425,000, 12-14 Rocco Dr, Kraft, Steven V, and Kraft, June, to Barreto-Dias, Siziney, and Dias, Harley.


$675,000, 70 Quaker Ln, Hoover, Peter L, and Hoover, Michelle A, to Eisemann, Leslie R, and Gardner-Eisemann, Henry.


$388,000, 21 Woodland Dr, Stanton, Suzanne W, to Shrewsbury Homes Inc.

$200,000, Woodland Dr #2, Shrewsbury Homes Inc, to Comeau-Mcgrath, Robin, and Mcgrath, Joseph J.


$70,000, 293 Brookfield Rd, Macumber Dan L Est, and Macumber, Frank L, to Douai, Said, and Mhachi, Rachida.


$375,000, Long Hill Rd #6, Marhefka, Robert E, and Raptis, Philip, to ASL Cronin Land Hldg LLC.

$62,000, 29 Kimball St, FNMA, to Moreira-Fonseca, Riago.


$440,000, 42 A Young Rd, Spencer, Jill, and Spencer, Matthew, to Sparks, Andrew C, and Durgin, Kaitlin E.

$355,000, 48 S Charlton Shore Rd, M&P RT, and Palermo, Michael T, to Piacentini, Andrew.


$1,200,000, 128-A Franklin St, Black Swann Invs LLC, to Hudson Highlands LLC.

$480,000, 24 Burdett St, Vieira, Carlos, to Segerra-Ramos, Joel.

$445,000, 8 Walden Ter, Peete, Edward J, and Peete, Nancy, to West, Shane, and Maki, Emily.

$389,000, 307 Ridgefield Cir #D, Brown, Stephen L, to Fenton, Michael G, and Houghton-Fenton, Susan M.

$365,695, 1206 Hazelwood Way #1206, Woodlands View LLC, to Hardy, Robert, and Hardy, Elizabeth.

$350,000, 181 Beacon St, Gorski, Celina, to Totman, Michael, and Totman, Jennifer.

$340,185, 1403 Kenwood Way #1403, North Country Dev LLC, to El-Bizri, Tarek.

$180,000, 540 Main St #104, Oleary, Megan E, to Strobel, Bruce.


$500,000, 73 Riedell Rd, Quality Homes Inc, to Franchi, Joseph A, and Franchi, Rosemarie C.

$295,000, 240 South St, Alconada, Scott, and Green, Destiny, to Raymond, Elizabeth, and Maloney, Myles P.


$350,000, 30 Cardinal Dr, Urella, Jeremy P, and Urella, Alysa, to Martinelli, Nicholas M, and Gauvin, Christina M.

$247,900, 10 Budd Dr, Johnson, Timothy J, and Johnson, Wendy, to Poirier, Hannah C, and Connor, John.

$66,000, 17 Southbridge Rd #3, Mccgovern, John H, and New England Teamsters FCU, to Mainini, Maria.

East Brookfield

$260,000, 118 Adams Rd, Gliniecki, Kitty, to Morales, Richard.


$450,000, 56 Carrie Ann Ln, Boudreau, Daniel F, and Boudreau, Donna M, to Castillo, Yolanda.

$445,000, 706 Scott Rd, Dateo, Thomas A, to Saletnik, Michael J, and LaFave-Saletnik, S A.

$410,000, 141 Plymouth St, Brownstone RT, and Iacovone, Vito L, to Gomez, Domingo A, and Solis, Maria L.

$350,000, 128-130 High St, Mejia, Eddy, to Mejia, Hanssel, and Mejia, Natalia.

$311,000, 49 Jane Ave, Gomez, Domingo A, and Solis-Hernandez, Maria L, to Tran, Quyen M.

$285,000, 88-92 Arlington St, Peretti, David M, and Peretti, Gail A, to Forgues, Carly M.

$268,400, 211 Theresa St, Marella Thomas F Est, and Marrella, Michael, to Gitto, Gregory.

$260,000, 188 Walton St, Barrows, Brett T, to Aguilera-Tello, Elizabeth.

$255,000, 228 Electric Ave, 228 Electric Avenue RT, and Pirani, Karen, to Small, Noah.

$215,000, 94 Saw Mill Pond Rd #94, Swenson, Judy A, to Zbikowski, Krysta L.

$151,000, 89 Beech St #89, Pereira, Wellington, and Pereira, Crystle G, to Fontoura, Carolina.

$75,000, 87 Eaton St, Sullivan, Barbara A, to FBC 19-62 LLC.


$450,000, 115 Coburn Ave, Foley, Paul C, to Qin, Chun B.

$300,000, 421 Leo Dr, Truax, Nicholas, to Kiendo, Kerry L, and Kiendo, Antonio.

$268,000, 25 Adams St, Melanson, Normand J, and Melanson, Rolanda A, to Gavrcia, Jose A, and Fuentes, Elizabeth.

$229,000, 58 Lakeview Dr, Faucher, David R, and Faucher, Susan, to Gonzalez, Billy J, and Gonzalez-Andujar, Rose M.

$220,000, 9 Grant St, Kolodka George A Est, and Kolodka, Benjamin, to Kelly, Raymond.

$117,000, 449 West St, Fifth Third Bank NA, to KM U2 Realty LLC.


$615,000, 1 Seaver Farm Ln, Shah, Dharmesh M, and Shah, Shefali, to Garcia, Belmer J, and Degarcia, Beyanira P.

$428,000, 17 Barbara Jean St, Santos, Celio V, to James, Kyle D.

$389,900, 8 Kaye Cir, Piscillo, Anthony W, and Piscillo, Alyson C, to Kehinde, Adebola O.

$244,500, 21 Elmrock Dr, Wheelrock LLC, to Abaka-Mensah, Thelma B, and Abaka-Mensah, Lawrence.


$100,000, 14 Prospect St, J J Weir Post Bldg Assn, to Cgrk Enterprises LLC.


$1,250,000, 10 S Shaker Rd, Leslie R Teso-Lichtman FT, and Teso-Lichtman, Leslie R, to Li, Jian.

$822,275, 82 Shaker Rd, Feist, Jonathan, and Cornell-Feist, Marcia, to Limbach-Lempel, Diana.

$725,500, 92 Ann Lee Rd, Kathryn L Farrell T, and Farrell, Kathryn L, to Cook, Jasmine, and Cook, Brian.

$609,185, 61 Grant Rd, Devens Village Green LLC, to Vedire, Venkat B, and Reddy, Vidya.

$602,957, 63 Grant Rd, Devens Village Green LLC, to Brodie, Jonathan, and Brodie, Lisa.

$329,900, 3 Littleton Rd #C, Sweeney, Mary E, and Sweeney, Brian P, to Rosette, Doris A.


$300,000, 36 Walnut Ter, Phelps Jonathan O Est, and Harrington, Marilyn E, to Maki, Jay L, and Maki, Cynthia M.


$258,000, 83 Sturbridge Rd, Cibien, Jennifer J, to Hoenig, Philip, and Hoenig, Melissa.


$305,000, 6 Pitcherville Rd, Ludden, Glenn D, to Walker, Christopher M, and Hughes, Meghan.

$50,000, 18 W Comet Pond Access Rd, Mitchell, Donald, and Mitchell, Pamela K, to Mitchell, Susan.


$2,575,000, 108 Forest Ave, 108 Forest Avenue RT, and Albert, Francis, to Walkup LLC.

$800,000, 3 Silver Oak Rd, MCN Realty LLC, to Bancila, Andreea V, and Stinson, Stephen L.

$525,000, 10 Spring St, Deoliveira FT, and Percuoco, Zenaide D, to Gonzaga, Gabriela E, and Gonzaga-Ribeiro, Marciano.

$485,000, 18 Seneca Dr, Stuart S Lundie T, and Demel, Susan L, to Hettrich, Steven T, and Hettrich, Beth.

$475,000, 27 Eaton Dr, Ward, Charlotte, and Ward, Megan, to Williams, Joseph, and Nogueira, Alyssa.

$221,274, 7 Lee Cir, Kuras John T Est, and Atkins, Donna L, to Flenke, Daniel, and Atkins, Amanda.


$515,000, 48 Fort Pond Ln, Kirsch, Mark A, and Kirsch, Karen, to Bairos, Amanda M, and Hansen, Daniel.

$390,000, 5 Lee St, Revival LLC, to Greene, Wyatt, and Greene, Lillian.


$440,000, 253 Main St, JK Summit Investment LLC, to Dintino 253 Realty LLC.

$408,508, 356 Auburn St #F2, LRE LLC, to Escobar, Juan A.

$330,000, 63 Charles St, Saad, Richard J, and Saad, Evita R, to Thomas, Brian.

$90,000, Huntoon Memorial Hwy #6-2, Gabrilla, Mary M, to Ronald Brault Prop LLC.


$660,000, 546 Prospect St, Bettencourt FT, and Bettencourt, R G, to Colletta, Matteo, and Colletta, Deborah.

$565,000, 34 Kendall Hill Rd, Rampello, David, and Rampello, Lori, to Jaehne, Benjamin B, and Jaehne, Edith B.

$503,000, 93 Independence Dr, Short, Trevor E, and Short, Casie H, to CS RT, and Erickson, Kayla L.

$355,000, 307 Hill St, Rivard, David, and Rivard, Therese, to Rivard, David A, and Rivard, Sondra N.

$340,000, 52 Starr St, Winchester, Derek S, to Rapson, Alicia M, and Gerard, John P.

$244,500, 31 Johnson St, Morgan, Robert R, to Fernandez, Mathias.

$237,500, 171 Lancaster St, Ferguson RT, and Ferguson, John W, to Almeida Realty LLC.

$175,000, 19 Meadow Pond Dr #G, Batten, Kelly M, to Johnson, Bruce E.

$165,000, 77 Cortland Cir #77, Elizabeth M Lyle RET, and Lyle, Elizabeth M, to Sykes, David, and Sykes, Laura.


$735,000, 575 West St, Harvey, Russell N, and Harvey, Kelly A, to Maza T, and Monks, Maria E.

$600,000, 2 Gabes Pl, Basque, Kenneth P, and Basque, Suzanne D, to Majovski, Paulo R, and Majovski, Franciane J.

$579,999, 11 Easter Brook Rd, Ouelette, Charles J, to Call, Michael, and Call, Sarah.

$82,500, 224 Townsend Harbor Rd, Cotter, Sean, to Laughlin, Brendan, and Laughlin, Ashley.


$845,000, Robin Hill St, Cazaropoul, William S, and Schnare, Cheryl E, to Denali Belle LLC.

$530,000, 432 Pleasant St, Kadlik, Mark F, and Kadlik, Nancy A, to Moreno, Enzo R, and Moreno, Rocio G.

$330,447, 399 Berlin Rd, Cathy Mazza LLC, to Pittol, Vanderlando, and Pittol, Maria L.

$295,000, Jenks Ave #1, Maillet&Son Inc, to Frangiosa, Angelo, and Frangiosa, Ann.

$275,000, 115 Winter St, Norris, Adrienne F, and Lane, Joseph C, to Obrien, Michael, and Hebert, Autumn M.

$250,000, 83 Boivin Dr, Valchuis, Robert J, to Ditullio, Paul A, and Ditullio, Patricia J.

$175,000, 35 Hosmer St #10, Mahendarkar FT, and Mahendarkar, Deepak, to Amaral-Rodrigues, Jessica.

$150,000, 750 Farm Rd #101, Arriaga, Edmund C, to Princeton Green LP.


$330,000, 13 Carpenter Hill Rd #B, Ferreira, Farley, and Ferreira, Dianiny, to Pereira, Ozias.

$210,000, 86 Park St, Young John A Est, and Young, Christopher L, to Flanagan-Rice, Barbara V.


$510,000, 76-78 Grove St, Amorim, Romulo C, and Amorim, Berta C, to Saeteros-Alulema, Alfredo, and Ojeda, Maria L.

$455,000, 38 Depot St, Phoenix 2389 RT, and Noke, Wendy, to Guadagnoli, Daniel, and Oconnell, Patrick.

$432,000, 28 Cedarview Cir #28, Johnson, Bertine, to Young, Stacy H.

$190,000, 8 Shadowbrook Ln #65, Coelho, Jhonatas G, to Coogan, Christine.

$170,000, 5 Shadowbrook Ln #20, Rodriguez, Minarsin, and Rodriguez, Dionicio, to Monteiro, Luciene M, and DeSouza, Renato F.

$153,000, 14 Shadowbrook Ln #26, Tarpey, Emily, to Digirolamo, Mark M.


$329,900, 6 Salo Ter, Sheehan, Pauline A, to Atabongankeng, Mercy, and Azenganyi, Gilbert N.

$225,000, 17-A-C Waters St, Jakestate LLC, to Private Prop Group LLC.

North Brookfield

$316,000, 73 Elm St, Survivors T, and Maggio, Lee J, to Mastrangelo, Charles, and Mastrangelo, Sandra.


$610,000, 85 West St, Viner, Brant L, and Harling, Margaret, to Grinold, Ian M, and Creighton, Kristin.

$475,000, 55 Church St #B, 55B Church Street RT, and Mulkern, Kevin A, to Desai, Bhavikkumar, and Desai, Sejal B.

$450,000, 20 Hamilton Rd, Meyer, Brian W, and Meyer, Kathleen M, to Brown, Conor, and Daprile, Allison.

$380,000, 35 Jefferson Rd, Stacy LT, and Stacy, Robert N, to Bogonis, Paul, and Crocetti, Rebecca.

$364,525, 295 South St, 295 South Street RT, and Mcnamara, Nancy M, to Burke, Matthew R, and Burke, Tara R.

$354,500, 22 Birch Hill Rd, Siraco, Richard T, to Deoliveira, Joao C.

$265,000, 173 Hudson St #173, Dupont, Andrew C, to Abounacer, Abdelfattah, and Daoudi, Afaf.


$435,000, 275 Purgatory Rd, Partridge, Douglas N, and Partridge, Mary K, to Partridge, Scott D.

$385,000, 15 Whitin Ave, Wierenga, Daniel J, and Wierenga, Peggy L, to Andreadis, Dorothy, and Morin, Matthew R.

$275,000, 24 Willow St, Doldoorian, Robert M, and Doldoorian, John K, to Herron, Samantha L.


$49,900, New Braintree Rd #4A, Couture, John M, to Chabot, Shane A.

$49,900, New Braintree Rd #4B, Couture, John M, to Chabot, Shane A.


$425,000, 125 Sutton Ave, Haddad Dolores C Est, and Bieger, Michael M, to Ricard, Joseph, and Ricard, Jennifer.

$370,000, 19 Merriam District, Weagle, Joel L, and Weagle, Kristine A, to Menard, Jonathan, and Menard, Heather O.

$342,644, 6 Rhonda Rheault Dr, Bigdady Realty LLC, to Najem, Charbel H, and Regalado, Omar.

$287,000, 2 Laurelwood Dr, Iannotti, Richard L, to Jimenez-Colon, Maria L.

$281,000, 12 Winter St, Cazeault, Wayne A, to Pereira, Evelyn R.

$230,000, 15 Highland Ave, Barbara A Montague RET, and Cooper, Vicky, to Zamarro, Carmine, and Marble, Allan F.

$210,000, 53 Plantation Rd #53, Tadgell, Nicole S, to Brooks, Christopher, and Brooks, Leona R.

$10,000, Dudley Rd, 10 Delaney Avenue RT, and Puliafco, Kathleen D, to Langlois, Daniel J.


$179,715, 11 Maple St, Pohl, Karen, to Oconnor, Terrence G, and Oconnor, Jodie A.


$506,000, 92 Mountain Rd, Day, Holly M, and Day, Gregory H, to Salerni, Philip M, and Salerni, Jessica E.


$375,000, 538 Grove St, Martignetti, Isada, to Lundstrom, Jon C, and Lundstrom, Kathy A.


$437,863, 19 John Robert Dr, Speroni, Michael J, and Speroni, Karen M, to Nordstrom-Kapulka, Taylor, and Carbonneau, Lacie.

$400,000, 241 Glenwood Rd, Santoro, Steven, and Santoro, Patricia, to Santoro, Anthony J, and Prutzanni, Amber M.

$226,000, 16 Autumn Woods Dr #16, Bombard, Michael G, to Desanctis, Achille, and Desanctis, Margaret.

$70,000, 95 Kenwood Dr #1, Barnard Farms RT, and Takala, Ralph J, to Oxford, James A, and Ochieng-Oxford, Gloria A.


$1,499,000, 38-A Olde Colony Dr, Grenier, John M, and Grenier, Katherine, to Horvath, Mark W, and Stephenson, Tanya.

$960,000, 4 Shetland Way, Rodrigues, Katyucia D, to Naidu, Shan, and Kamalanathan, Anitha.

$751,000, 15 Roberts St #1B, Caruso Construction Corp, to Pahari, Ganga.

$630,000, 1 Hamilton Cir #1, 95 Angell Brook RT, and Gibbons, Erin N, to Upton, David S, and Upton, Marianne G.

$563,700, 66 Longfellow Rd, Roy, Suzanne, to Bartholomew, Andrew, and Bartholomew, Christina.

$520,000, 14 Tern Dr #14, Kumar, Preejith, and Kamalasanan, Deepa, to Nunna, Kasivishweshwara K, and Pasumarti, Suneetha.

$447,000, 106 Grafton St, Jadomi Properties LLC, to Nasic, Arnela, and Dombrowski, Victoria R.

$420,000, 499 Main St, First Cong Chrch Shrewsbr, to Christopher, Steven.

$410,000, 7 Boston Dr, Kondapalli, Harish, and Uppalapati, Uma, to Palermo, John, and Palermo, Laura.

$385,000, 65 Tanager Dr, Tula, Louise D, to Dipilato, Doreen L.

$375,000, 36 Crescent St, Rooney, Michael P, and Rooney, Joanne M, to Rooney, Mackenzie A.

$370,000, 7 Melody Ln, Eaton, Nancy J, to Miller, Emily N, and Ferrandino, Jeffrey.

$320,500, 3 Monadnock Dr, Mastrocola, Vittoria, to Gallant, Susan, and Teti, Nicholas.

$275,000, 65 Commons Dr #507, Punj, Rajesh, and Sharma, Pooja, to Setu, Snehav.

$210,000, 2 Williamsburg Ct #2, Curry, Matthew, and Curry, Erin, to Nagamanickam, Manikandan, and Mohandas, Naveen P.


$1,495,463, 3 Dairy Farm Ln, Chestnut Meadow RT, and Wheeler, D Bruce, to Roy, Stephen, and Roy, Ann.

$595,000, 57 Carriage Hill Cir #57, Benjamin M Dawson T, and White, Rose M, to Timm, Spencer L, and Timm, Ruth L.


$330,000, 18 Pinedale St, Lahaina Corp, to Olivera, Elisabeth M.

$305,000, 228 Hamilton St, Primavera, Michael D, and Poulin, Charles G, to Sandoval, Michael.

$204,000, 198 Ashland Ave, Breault, Richard A, and Breault, Christine, to Mello, Edward, and Mello, Andrea M.

$103,000, 29 Marcy St #4, Matys Margaret E Est, and Matys, Martin E, to Collins, Jamyel.


$263,000, 25 Mechanic St, Casello, Nicholas A, and Mathews, Jacqueline, to Craig, Anthony.

$219,000, 19 School St, Curtin, Richmond H, and Curtin, Norine E, to Schumacher, Carl D.

$162,500, 36 Temple St, Ramos, Cecilia A, to Grajales, Joel.


$120,000, 15 Lake Shore Dr, Nohrden, Maynard M, and Nohrden, Susan M, to Nohrden, Timothy D, and Nohrden, Kathryn V.


$356,000, 48 Clark Rd, Sparks, Andrew C, to Pruyn, Robert A, and Pruyn, Stephanie.

$321,000, 43 Cricket Dr, Perry, Dale A, to Amadio, Cameron L.

$180,000, 7 Crescent Way #209, Totten, Robert, and Totten, Linda, to Tercho, Bradley G.


$247,000, 2 Cottage St, Lyons, Patrick J, and Lyons, Jennifer R, to Santiago, Felix A, and Correa, Marlina A.

$55,000, French Rd #21, Nygard, James R, and Nygard, Agnes E, to Benard, Sean E, and Buckman, Sheri.


$56,000, 335 Hartland Rd, Taylor, Amy E, to Moquin, Keith L, and Moquin, Suzanne.


$372,000, 25 School St, Theep, Ellynmarie Q, to Swift, Tomas D, and Lewis, Jennifer.

$315,000, 14 Emery Rd, Boudreau, Amanda, to Peladeau, Colton.

$275,000, 7 Maplewood Dr, Nelson Elizabeth A Est, and Leonard, Vikki A, to Escapes Landscaping Corp.

$212,500, 2 Pepperell Rd, Newton Chester B Est, and Preston-Newton, Sharon K, to First Step Investors LLC.

$90,000, Clement Rd, John D Bagley T 2, and Bagley, John D, to Benjamin Builders Inc.


$300,000, 21 Maple Ave #21, StGeorge, Darin P, and StGeorge, Andrea J, to Costanzo, Vincent A.

$225,000, East St #3, Rose M Searles RET, and Searles, Rose M, to Moraes, Jose M.

$175,000, East St #2, Rose M Searles RET, and Searles, Roes M, to New Generation Custom Hm.


$232,000, 5 Ascot Ln #5, Karen Albright LT, and Albright, Karen, to Dileo, Frances B, and Dileo, Cheryl A.

$195,000, 28 Cross Rd, Weisenhorn, Theodore R, and Weisenhorn, Rita, to Stevens, Diane, and Chiasson, Brian.


$464,000, 215 Crouch Rd, Gerstel, Dana P, and Gerstel, Lisa M, to Lopato, Erin, and Lopato, Francis.

$332,000, 485 Reed St, Michalski, Patricia K, and Drazek, Joan R, to Gerstel, Dana P, and Gerstel, Lisa M.


$360,000, 5 Harvard St, Arcieri, Paul R, to Diiorio, Paul C.

$335,000, 8 Evergreen Dr, Miller, Richard H, and Mcquiston-Miller, Amy J, to Torres, Pedro, and Torres, Janet.

$325,000, 750 School St, Marier, Leon A, and Marier, Carol A, to Sujdak, Matthew.

$222,300, 64 Myrtle Ave, 64 Myrtle LLC, to Lucewich, Jeffrey.

$192,000, 34 Eastern Ave #J, Buckley, Kara C, to Zecco, Danielle M.

$55,000, 19 Morris St, Fura, Mary J, to PMZ Development LLC.

West Boylston

$549,000, 54 Campground Rd, Cross Street RT, and Cardogno, Raymond T, to Cardogno, Grave, and Lajoie, David.

$306,000, 126 Laurel St, Sullivan, Heather D, and Meola, Morag E, to Lupo, Lisa M, and Mclaughlin, Richard.

West Brookfield

$375,000, Long Hill Rd #6, Marhefka, Robert E, and Raptis, Philip, to ASL Cronin Land Hldg LLC.

$203,000, 35 Burwell Ter, Beichner, Corrine G, to Otten, Derek W.


$930,000, 3 Frances Dr, Prouty, Craig, and Prouty, Wendy, to Pavlov, Dmitri, and Pavlova, Whitney.

$920,000, 2 Sleigh Ln, Patel, Siddharth J, and Patel, Nihita, to Kulathumani, Vinod, and Kulathumani, Gayathri.

$805,000, 14 Zaara Dr, Zaara Gardens LLC, to Muthu, Muthuraman, and Chidambaram, Meena.

$620,000, 68 Powder Hill Way #68, Wolf, Jon, to Silva, Acel Y, and Williams, Nievel M.

$481,935, 11206 Peters Farm Way #1, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC, to S&Shobhana Shah RET, and Shah, Suresh.


$275,000, 37 W Main St, Westminster Realty LLC, to Johndro, Barry.

$232,000, 6 Warner Ln #6, Carr, Elizabeth J, to Doyle, Kevin, and Doyle, Holly.

$130,000, 4 Warner Ln #4, Bodanza, Brenda M, to Zheng, Stanley.

$80,620, Minott Rd, Farias, Thomas G, and Farias, Suzanne M, to Terkanian, Nathan D, and Terkanian, Jennifer A.


$379,900, 405 Hale St, Barkley Enterprises LLC, to Dibattista, Edward A, and Kelley, Erin F.

$281,000, 322 Ash St, Walker, Jason M, to Richard, Jon J.

$250,000, 121 Brown St, Valliere, Gerald A, and Valliere, Beverly A, to Valliere, Jay A.


$468,000, 9 Tideswell Ln #9, Patricia A Lekas 2012 IRT, and Lekas, Patricia A, to Pollack, Phyllis.

$450,000, 10 Navajo Rd, Granger, Shannon M, to Boudouani, Adil.

$440,000, 29 Hurtle Ave, Ciccone, George A, and Ciccone, Maureen R, to Einarsdottir, Brynja.

$435,000, 47 Plantation St, Du, Ben, and Miao, Qian X, to Filho, Dalton S.

$434,000, 396-B Lake Ave, Gold Star Builders Inc, to Kohistani, Nazifa.

$425,000, 86 Vernon St, Zimmerman Viktor Est, and Zimmerman, Eevi, to Alpine&Vernon LLC.

$400,000, 11 Fox Holw, Curtin, Joan M, to Meco, Arben, and Meco, Florika.

$370,000, 34 Clearview Ave, Anusbigian Robert G Est, and Anusbigian, Madelyn F, to Beqiri, Mexhite.

$362,100, 494-496 Hamilton St, 496 Hamilton Street LLC, to Louissaint, Christopher E, and Rizzo, Giulia S.

$362,100, 496 Hamilton St, 496 Hamilton Street LLC, to Dizon-Djurdjev, Natalie D, and Dizon-Djurdjev, Nikola.

$350,000, 668 Burncoat St, Dewolfe Properties LLC, to Gyenin, Nana, and Gyenin-Nuamah, Kingsley K.

$345,000, 4 Minthorne St, 4 Minthorne Street LLC, to Fernandez-Familia, Eliana, and Cruz-Bencosme, Elena.

$340,000, 20 Alsada Dr, Graves, Daniel P, and Graves, Alicia, to Moni, Kristian, and Dibra, Ina.

$330,000, 11 Sunny Hill Dr, King, James B, and King, Anais, to Foley, Rebecca A.

$330,000, 14 Lawnfair St, Boudouani, Adil, to Styffe, Jamie.

$311,000, 11 Mary Ann Dr, Moran, Michael P, to Castillo, Elvis J.

$308,500, 34 Rollinson Rd, Fitzgerald E W Jr Est, and Meyer, Kathleen J, to Kniskern, Joseph, and Hernandez, Kelly E.

$290,000, 498 Mill St, Hovagimian, Daniel, to Caban, Giovanni.

$284,000, 148 Brookline St, Moquin, Albert J, to Sedivy, Emma, and Vass, Flora.

$275,000, 12 Fisher Rd, Benjamin, Nicole M, to Haywood, Hayle A, and Deso-Davenport, Seth A.

$275,000, 22 Henchman St, We Enterprise LLC, to Haile, Melaku.

$275,000, 76 Fairmont Ave, Carlson, Sandra A, to Carlson, Sandra M, and Laflamme, Michael.

$255,000, 12 Merriweather Rd, Ornell, Craig, and Ornell, Kimberly, to Borges-Gonzalez, Yara, and Arocho-Valle, Michael S.

$251,000, 28 Royal Rd, Mahoney Stephen J Est, and Mahoney, Shawn P, to Martell, Paul, and Miller, Jennifer.

$250,500, 17 Clarence St, Gonzalez, Pablo, and Gonzalez, Janina, to Ruiz, Sochi I.

$218,000, 26 Iowa St #1, Bonnet, Melissa C, to Johnson, Beverly.

$212,000, 270 Sunderland Rd #72, Central City Prop LLC, to Parsley, Alexander.

$168,000, 44 Elm St #410, Torres, Carmen R, to Linden, Gloria, and Linden, Jonas.

$150,000, 45 Montague St, VEK 41 NT, and Page, Dorothy R, to Mahlert, Jonathan F.

$110,000, 46 Gibbs St #3C, Faucher, Steven P, to Toigo, Valdenir, and Toigo, Edilane.

$82,500, 121 Whipple St #15, Bingwang-Zheng, Stanley, to Li, Shu.


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