World’s ice cream eating championship winner announced at the Indiana …


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – A crowd of enthusiastic fairgoers gathered around to watch the world’s ice cream eating championship competition Sunday.

The current world eating champion Joey Chestnut battled other competitive eaters to attempt to break another world record for ice cream eating.

Chestnut is known for his history of winning Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contests and often breaks his own records.

His current record for hot dogs, which happens to be the official world record, was set with 74 hot dogs and buns, eaten in 10 minutes.

The competition was held at the Indiana State Fair’s World’s Ice Cream Eating Championship in the ENOUGH Plaza.

Geoffrey Esper was crowned the winner of this year’s competition after eating 15.5 pints of ice cream in six minutes.

The world record was broken at last year’s World’s Ice Cream Eating Championship at the Indiana State Fair by Miki Sudo, a top-ranked competitive eater who retains the world record.

Last year, Sudo ate 16.5 pints of ice cream in six minutes and received $2,000 of the total $4,000 Championship purse.

The top five championship eaters from today’s Ice Cream Eating Championship are:

  1. Geoffrey Esper, 15.5 pints
  2. Joey Chestnut, 14.5 pints
  3. Juan Rodriguez, 12 pints
  4. Derek Jacobs, 11.5 pints
  5. Brian Dudzinsky, 11.5 pints


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